Ukrainian deputy health minister favors medical cannabis

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Ukraine's legalization bill will release drugs but not produce them

Ukrainians are ready to support the legalization of medical cannabis to save thousands of lives. This should be achieved in 2021 the Deputy Minister of Health has spoken in favor of the reform of cannabis. The leader of the parliamentary faction of the “Servant of the People” party, Davis Arahamiya declared just before the new year that the decision to legalize cannabis in Ukraine for medical purposes is in the final stages.

Ukrainian deputy health minister speaks favorably about cannabis reform

The cannabis plant is used by humans for many centuries for medical purposes and to improve his health. Globally, the ban on cannabis is relatively recent and unfortunately its prohibition has harmed many people all over the world over the past centuries.

One sector of society particularly affected by the cannabis ban is that of patients who do not have safe access to a proven drug. In countries where cannabis is banned, patients must risk legal action when cultivating, transporting and / or acquiring cannabis for medical purposes, which is an absolute disgrace.

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Fortunately, more and more countries are on the right side of history and legalizing cannabis for medical use, or at least moving in that direction, notably Ukraine. A senior health official in Ukraine recently spoke very favorably about medical cannabis.

“As a doctor, I am convinced that it is worth talking about and explaining medical cannabis. The legalization of cannabis for medical purposes is primarily aimed at resolving the issue of pain reduction for critically ill patients and not at playing politics ”, recently stated Deputy Minister of Health and Chief State Medical Officer Viktor Liashko at the Ukrainian News Agency.

This statement is good news for a country that still bans medical cannabis. Dr Liashko then explained to the Ukrainian news agency that many other countries in the region have successfully legalized cannabis for medical use. Just as the sky would not have fallen after countries like Austria legalized cannabis for medical use, so too will Ukraine legalize cannabis for medical use.

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Full legalization of medical cannabis is overdue

One thing Ukraine's deputy health minister said in his comments is that if Ukraine legalizes cannabis for medical use, the country's program would largely focus on cannabis as a pain treatment. Focusing on pain relief is a solid approach, as long as it is part of a comprehensive medical cannabis program.

A well-designed medical cannabis program helps as many suffering patients as possible, and a big part of that is having a solid list of qualifying requirements, or better yet, leaving the decision to recommend medical cannabis entirely to the discretion of the individual. 'doctor.

Ultimately, it's unclear how long it will take Ukraine to legalize medical cannabis, or what the program will look like when that happens. Hopefully this program will be based on science and compassion.

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