Mike Tyson opens dispensary in latest episode of The Simpsons


Marge and Homer sell cannabis in Springfield

If you're like us and millions of people around the world have to stay indoors and isolate yourself, you've probably watched more TV than normal in the past couple of weeks. Fortunately, the writers of Simpsons have created a new episode perfect for us, locked in quarantine.

Mike Tyson, Simpsons Episode

The last episode of the 31st season of Simpsons , titled "Highway to Well," imagines a world in which legal weed has recently arrived in Springfield, and our favorite couple is trying to cash in on it. Before realizing what the hip, stylish "Well + A Good Dispensary really sells, Marge hosts a gig as a budtender, peddling THC candies, tinctures, blowtorches and vape pens to a who's who in Springfield." 

Like the episodes of South Park before him , the incursion of Simpsons in the legal grass was filled with real world mockery. Starting with familiar targets, Med Men and Mike Tyson's “Tyson Ranch”, Marge's new employer is a mix of corporate cannabis personalities. "Well + Good" is constantly mistaken for an Apple store and is run by a tattooed retired boxer who aims to build a cannabis-themed resort and spa. 

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The cannabis ranch by Mike Tyson appeared in the final episode of The Simpsons of 2020. His character says, "I am so happy to present our latest adventure, a fully realized cannabis farm." He adds that Dave Chappelle and Harrison Ford will be at the opening.

The American is still the youngest fighter to ever win a heavyweight championship, having earned his first belt at age 20 in 1986.

Iron Mike even shared the clip on his social media pages - but he took the opportunity to research the famous cartoon series.

Tyson retired from the boxing ring in 2005, with 58 fights and 50 wins to his name.

Recent Instagram posts have shown that the boxing legend hasn't lost any of his speed or power since his last in the ring.

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