Mexican Senate approves cannabis regulations


Mexican Senators Broadly Endorse Decision Proposing Regulation of Cannabis

Yes, the use of cannabis in Mexico will be legal! Lawmakers have agreed that several reservations will be made, such as public places such as parks, malls or near schools, and will be discussed in the Senate. The United Committees on Health, Justice and Legislative Studies Senate of the Republic have approved overall the notice that regulates recreational cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Invites Mexico's Constitution

During the meeting, lawmakers agreed that a number of reservations will be expressed in particular, which will be discussed in plenary. To demonstrate the equivalence of a kilo of marijuana, PRI senator Jorge Carlos Ramirez Marin brought two bags of “oregano”.

After two hours of discussion, senators from different parties approved by 26 votes in favor, seven against and eight abstentions, the document in which the regulation of cannabis is proposed from three different angles: medical, industrial and recreational.

This opinion proposes the creation of a law for the regulation of cannabis, in addition to reforms and additions to various provisions of the General Health Law and the Federal Criminal Code. The decision, which was passed by the Senate, proposes, among other things, that people be allowed to possess up to 28 grams and not just 5 as it was intended. Also, people who need it for health reasons can plant 20 plants by applying for a permit from the Mexican Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis.

The different positions have shown many contradictions, such as that of Senator Antares Vázquez de Morena, who declared that this regulation “is not the promotion of its use, but rather an attempt to regulate the black market” which already exists in the country.

On the other hand, PAN's Damián Zepeda has shown his opposition to the judgment by refusing to allow young people to obtain it, apart from the fact that the regulation of marijuana, for him, will not reduce violence.

Eventually, PRI lawmakers abstained because they said they were in favor of regulation, but for them there must be some changes to be made ...

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