Cannabis in the Metaverse?

A blockchain-powered global meta-marketplace for all things cannabis.

The world is entering a digital revolution as big brands, businesses, and independent innovators continue to move into the metaverse. Right now, the web3 space is mostly populated by the finance, technology, and retail sectors, all of which intersect with cannabis, which can only mean one thing. Combining the power of a cannabis metaverse will create a major opportunity for the world of cannabis and hemp.

Cannaland is a global meta-marketplace that is pioneering the presence of cannabis on the blockchain, educating operators and consumers about the plant space in the growing digital sphere, while we are in the field.

The metaverse will allow for endless imagination and innovation in how we do business and interact with each other as a society, and for cannabis that means a lot of newly opened doors in an industry that has been massively restricted. and highly regulated.

What is the metaverse?

The Metaverse aims to encapsulate the digital landscape in physical reality, merging how we interact and conduct business in the web3 space in ways that will define the future. Technology is here to stay, and businesses in all industries are beginning to imagine their place in the metaverse.

“I think we are heading towards a digital revolution similar to the industrial revolution. We cannot fight it. It will change the way we interact with everything. People won't be leaving their homes as much anymore, because we all prefer to click three buttons on our phones and have things delivered to our doorstep," said declared Matt Morgan, cannabis industry advisor and co-founder of Cannaland.

“Web3 will be much more immersive. From a retail perspective, I think there will be more virtual shopping experiences – avatars who try on clothes that have the exact same dimensions as you, so that when the garment is delivered, it will fit you exactly. There will be different segments of the metaverse: a very virtual one that you live in, and another that is more augmented, like when Apple releases the Apple Glasses and virtual screens appear right in front of your eyes. »

According to Morgan, who has been at the forefront of the world's slow transition to the metaverse, this version of digital interaction will disrupt everything from gaming to shopping to family reunions. Imagine a world where you feel digitally and immersively connected to your loved ones, even if you are scattered around the world.

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The effects of cannabis entering the Metaverse

The legal cannabis industry is a highly regulated industry that is still forced to face a variety of obstacles that continue to hinder its growth, such as banking problems, unfair and often changing restrictions on product sales, and by Above all, his federal illegality continues.

As the rest of the lucrative world races to move into the metaverse, cannabis needs to be proactive to stay relevant, successful, and move closer to mainstream legalization.

But for an industry that is still under the federal microscope, what does the shift to the unregulated and infinitely possible digital sphere really mean?

“I've been in the cannabis vertical since 2008, and there are a lot of challenges as an operator and a consumer. As an operator, it is difficult to market. Mainstream magazines won't let you print or post, newspapers don't stand a chance, and even online and social media are incredibly limited. You have to be very creative with cannabis marketing in general, so much so that you almost have to play with the system to be successful,” Morgan said.

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“Allowing cannabis companies to enter the metaverse frees you from your shackles. You can have your name anywhere, and market whatever you want in that space. There are no regulations. »

Cannabis in the metaverse could look like virtual dispensaries that mimic your favorite location, allowing digital consumers to shop via augmented reality, "pick up" products, chat with digital budtenders, and skip long shopping lines. waiting that often plagues popular places.

“The same day, these products can be delivered to your door. And when the feds change their stance on legality, you may be able to shop virtually at any dispensary across the country and have a drone drop off your product later that afternoon,” said Morgan said.

“Moving cannabis to the metaverse streamlines everything for operators and consumers, creating more profitable business ventures for retailers in the space and an overall improved shopping experience. »

Marketplaces in the cannabis metaverse will also have a corrective effect on current banking issues. Consumers will deal directly with digital currency in the web3 space, which will relieve retailers of a huge burden and reduce the need for security to protect large amounts of unbankable cash.

This virtual approach to buying cannabis will also open up the industry to a wider variety of consumers who may still feel intimidated by the prospect of entering a dispensary with little or no experience.

“I think this transition will attract a new consumer. It will allow people to be educated and informed.

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