Better absorption in the body thanks to water-soluble CBD technology

Higher uptake of cannabinoids was observed for water-soluble CBD after 15 minutes

Comparatively, the maximum absorption of CBD oil is 45 minutes. The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings (TGOD) and Caliper Foods unveiled Monday the positive results of a preliminary human pharmacokinetic study of Caliper CBD, an exclusive water-soluble powder that can be added to foods and beverages.

In a statement, TGOD said it will market CBD soluble organic products in Canada in December with "fast-acting formulations" taking advantage of this technology with its line of teas, shots, chewing gum and organic drinks ready to drink.

Similarly, in the United States, Caliper Foods plans to launch Caliper CBD, its own line of accurate, CBD-based, soluble products in the fall.

"We are pleased with the results of the pharmacokinetic study because they confirm the improved bioavailability and consistent absorption rates of our proprietary ingredient technology, which can infuse CBD and THC," said Keith Woelfel. , Director of Research and Development at Caliper Foods.

"This study confirms that consumers consume 4,5 more CBD with Caliper CBD than with MCT-based CBD oil," he added.

Medium chain triglycerides, or MCT oils, are most often extracted from coconut oil, since more than 50% of the coconut oil is derived from MCTs.

Preparation of the next phase of the clinical study

"Our research and development team is working closely with TGOD on the next phase of the clinical study, which, if it confirms pharmacokinetic results in other product forms, will make the Caliper Foods and TGOD product lines very distinct in terms of quality, "said Woelfel.

For the study, half of the participants received 30 mg water-soluble CBD powder from Caliper Foods in 236,6 ml water, while the other half received 30 mg CBD mixed with MCT oil. Blood samples were taken at predetermined times over a six-hour period.

Early data indicate that the Caliper CBD group showed faster uptake, with higher concentrations of 15 minutes than the maximum concentration of 45 minutes with CBD oil, and bioavailability. total observed 4,5 times higher. CBD was largely eliminated from the body after about 6 hours in subjects who received Caliper CBD and CBD oil, however a reduction in the presence of CBD in the body was observed in subjects received Caliper CBD after 45 minutes.

The companies will now conduct an 1A Phase Confirmation Clinical Study on Pharmacokinetics to test Caliper CBD technology in the TGOD product line, including beverages, teas, infusions and capsules. The study will be conducted with a leading American academic institution.

Ensuring the consistency and accuracy of the assay

Dr. Rav Kumar, Scientific Director of TGOD, said the Canadian medical cannabis society was pleased with the "consistency and accuracy" of the Caliper technology available in Colorado, which TGOD will market in Canada.

"Based on these early data, Caliper CBD provides a higher and faster level of absorption compared to CBD-infused oil, which opens up a number of opportunities for the medical and commercial marketplace. to be, "said Dr. Kumar.

"Patients and consumers are becoming better informed, and we plan to respond to market demand for CBD and THC-based biologics, supported by scientific evidence and clinical evidence. We look forward to our Phase 1A PK clinical results in time for Cannabis 2.0 in Canada, "he added.

Caliper Foods technology is a suite of solutions soluble in water fast-acting, calorie-free, that can simply and easily infuse cannabinoids in foods and beverages. TGOD has entered into an exclusive agreement with Caliper Foods for a license to use Caliper CBD Ingredient Technology in Canada and in certain international jurisdictions outside the United States.

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The Green Organic Dutchman is building more than 148 000 square meters of growing and processing facilities in Ontario, Quebec, Jamaica and Denmark, with an expected production capacity of 219 000 kg.

It operates organic CBD oil operations in Canada and through its subsidiary, HemPoland distributes high quality CBD oil to the European Union.


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