medicinal water rich in cbd

HiTech bottled water containing cannabinol (CBD)

CBD is the Medicinal component of cannabis, which is not psychoactive; This medicinal water is produced thanks to a clever combination of nanotechnology and the principles of quantum physics, it is considered medical, in order to strengthen the immune system.

CBD, medicinal water

Living Water CBD

This new US product is in the process of becoming a classic in flavored medicinal water. “Living Water CBD” is bottled water fortified with Cannabinoids. It contains CBD, which is considered the must-have when it comes to medical cannabis. Each 750 cl bottle contains up to 25mg of pure CBD.

One of the advantages of the product, and the evidence itself; it's dedicated to everyone. It provides the virtues of CBD without causing the "High" because it does not contain the THC-type Cannabinoids, which is psychoactive.Those who want another drink style product containing THC can turn to the powders based on cannabis, style.

The CBD product may seem like a marketing ploy, but the company that has developed this technology is the most innovative in the field of material absorption by the human body.

"The benefits of CBD are many; it helps to provide energy that strengthens the immune system, as well as prompt analgesia for muscle relaxation "

CBD, medicinal water
CBD-based health - critics hailed the soothing influence

The product has also received very good reviews from the networks concerned. Despite the high price that starts from 8 $ per bottle is 150 $ per pack of 24 bottles. The virtues are numerous and acclaimed by the sports community. Indeed this water contributes energetically to relieve the pain after a sports training.

Absorption up to an index of 10

The company has been successful in combining CBD molecules with water whose pH is maintained at 7.4; this using quantum physics and nanotechnology. Which is probably the biggest advantage of the product, thanks to this new technology, absorption is improved by 10 times, so it is highly active in the body.

Nanotechnology concerns the reduction of matter into millions of particles, which greatly boosts the absorption of molecules such as CBD, magnesium ions, electrolytes and other components assimilated by body cells.

CBD, medicinal water
Currently, the product is only available in the United States. But it is possible to find on EBay.

This means that 1 mg of CBD consumed in this water is equivalent to 10 mg of CBD. Which is much more beneficial than eating or smoking (even steam)

"Components such as CBD absorbed into the body through the digestive tract, lose up to 90% of their value," they explain. "-" On the other hand using nanotechnology, 100% of ingredients including CBD directly feed cells. "-" This is the most effective way to absorb substances in the body. "

Although the water does not contain THC, critics say that we still feel a "slight sense of euphoria". Which probably comes from the absorption of CBD by the endocannabinoid system of the human body. 

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