A child in California undergoing treatment in kindergarten

California court clears cannabis oil to treat 5-year-old kindergarten girl

The California court ruled that a 5 child with epilepsy treated with cannabis oil could use his preschool medicalization. And in fact, integrate a schooling that was refused to him in the past.

Brook Adams can now attend a public school

Le Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reports that: in a precedent-setting decision a California court confirmed that Brooks Adams, a 5-year-old girl, could attend kindergarten (kindergarten) with her epilepsy medication, cannabis. But this after the Rincon Valley education office denied him access to the public school system ... So his parents turned to the court, to counter the ministry's objection ...

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California, cannabis oil, Dravet syndrome, maternal
Brook Adams, pictured minutes before an epileptic seizure.

The Department of Education's objection stems from California law, which states that medical cannabis remains banned in schools. In early August, Judge Charles Marson issued a temporary injunction. This allowed Brock to visit a zoo… While waiting for the court to decide on the case, little Adams could not go to kindergarten…

California, cannabis oil, Dravet syndrome, maternal
The oil used is a THC tincture, which completely helps little Adams. CBD interrupts seizures for a few minutes in the case of Dravet syndrome.

A judge opposes the Ministry of Education

But last Friday, Judge Merson turned the temporary injunction into a full ruling. This effectively rejects the Department of Education's opposition to violating local and federal drug laws.

California, cannabis oil, Dravet syndrome, maternal
Brooke comes to kindergarten with a nurse who gives her oil 3 times a day to prevent seizures.

“I was so overwhelmed with happiness that we should not continue to fight this battle which has lasted for more than two years. Says Brooke's mother, Jena Adams. “Now she can go to kindergarten like any other child. And we don't have to keep fighting to get what she needs. "

Family lawyer Joe Rugaway is hoping the judge's ruling will open the door for other children who are expected to use medical cannabis in school. Officials from the Rinko Valley District Education Office are currently reviewing the decision. Deputy District Commissioner Cathy Myers says Education Department supports decision ...

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