Mark Zuckerberg donates to legalize psilocybin

Mark Zuckerberg Supports Decriminalization Of Drugs With Half Million Dollar Donation To Campaign In Oregon

Initiatives in Oregon are pushing for the decriminalization of Schedule 1 drugs and the legalization of the psilocybin. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Advocacy makes a large donation of $ 500000 to support a campaign to decriminalize all drugs in Oregon. The donation follows a statement by CEO David Bronner calling for donor support. "We just want to send a signal to the donor community that this is a really important voting measure to support."

Measure 110 is closely related to measure 109, which is used to legalize medical psilocybin. If successful, Oregon promises to be the first state to legalize magic mushrooms. While following the path of cities like Oakland and Denver, which have decriminalized psilocybin.

Kayse Jama, executive director of Unite Oregon, agrees with the proposed measures. By contextualizing medical treatments in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

“The need for this measure is more urgent than ever. Prisons and penitentiaries have become hot spots of contagion during the pandemic " page (in French).

These measures are also supported by the Oregon Democratic Party. Relief from the prison system isn't the only benefit psilocybin can bring to Oregon. Healthcare facilities and institutions may be able to refer patients to facilities specifically equipped to treat mental health, which takes the strain off hospitals.

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How does the legalization of psilocybin relate to cannabis?

Measures 109 and 110 will make it possible to redirect tax revenues from the legal sale of cannabis. In particular towards expanded medical treatment programs for drug addiction and substance abuse. This means that the precious taxes paid by cannabis users will be distributed to people suffering from drug addiction. However, unlike marijuana, which is consumed by about half of Americans, mushrooms are little used. Only 0,1% of people polled in a nationwide survey said they had used psychedelics in the past year.

Science supports psilocybin-assisted therapy in licensed environments. This is our approach in Oregon. And that's why we believe the people of Oregon deserve to have access to it. Tom Eckert, chief petitioner

The proposed psilocybin therapy programs are the result of a large research initiative. This allowed us to discover the benefits of magic mushrooms on mental health. A 2006 study by Roland R. Griffiths established that psilocybin consumption led to joy and extreme happiness, with lasting effects of substantial health benefits. In the same study, 67% of patients described their experience with magic mushrooms as "the most significant experience of their life or one of the five most significant experiences in their life."

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Zuckerberg supports psilocybin

Ultimately, Zuckerberg supports a proposal that aims to give Oregonians safe, legal, and regulated access to psilocybin-assisted therapy. This measure would allow license holders to provide psilocybin therapy as well as to grow or own a service center. The aim is to help people with mental health problems. According to therapist Sheri Eckert, Oregon has one of the highest rates of depression, anxiety and addiction in the country. This is the reason why she supports the legalization of psilocybin due to the mental health benefits.

Time will tell if Oregonians will vote to legalize psilocybin. The health benefits would expand the growing markets for legal substances. On the other hand, it would offer investors vast opportunities to capitalize on a whole new industry.

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