Maradona supports the self-production of cannabis for medical use

Maradona calls for self-cultivation of cannabis

This Wednesday, a video by Diego Armando Maradona was published supporting the self-production of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. The club trainer Gymnasia de La Plata added his voice to the cause led by the NGO La Semilla, a community health collective in Argentina. The Argentine government in collaboration with the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research is studying alternatives to improve the population's access to medicinal cannabis.

In the video, Maradona is seen with one of the members of La Semilla. This woman is the mother of an autistic child who fights with her militant colleagues for the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes.

"Let's support self-cultivation so that our children live better, have a much better quality of life than we do," said Mr. Maradona.

In a video released by the cannabis group La Semilla, Diego Armando Maradona spoke in favor of the self-cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, just when the national government intends to amend the regulations of the law that regulates this issue and examines whether or not to include self-cultivation .

“Let's support self-production so that our children live better, have a much better quality of life than us” said Maradona, dressed in gymnastics clothes and fencing La Plata, the club where he works as technical director .

Diego was approached by La Semilla member Monica Castillo, known as “La Colo”, who arrived at the world star through his representative, Matias Morla. "Maradona was concerned because he also has an autistic son (in reference to Diego Fernando) and his mother is now starting to think about giving him cannabis oil," Araceli Rea, president of La Semilla, told Infobae.

Castillo explained to Maradona, who was willing to learn more about cannabis, the uses and application of the oil in various diseases. “And he told her that he could also use it for her tremors. He understands that self-cultivation is the only way to access it, ”added Mr. Rea.

The Semilla (the seed) is a group of hundreds of activists who have existed for a few years in the country. It was created in 2019, as a spin-off from another organization of Platanse, Family Farming. It has 90 partners and, said Rea, "they continue to join because people need information."

“It seems to me that the image of Maradona serves to make us even more visible. Even if he does not have a lot of information on the plant at the moment, he is recognized worldwide and that is why we wanted to do it, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the repercussions. It's Maradona. No matter what he has done with his life, as with the privacy of others, this fight is important, ”said the president of La Semilla.

The change in the regulation of the law on the medicinal use of cannabis is underway. This was confirmed by the Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic, and her health partner, Ginés González García. The government, in collaboration with certain legislators, activists and scientists of Conicet, is studying alternatives to improve the population's access to the plant. But there is a consensus, at least outside ministerial spheres, that such a change must include self-production.

"We know this is the way to ensure the sustainability and quality of treatment while training and educating people in the state who will be responsible for enforcing and enforcing the law," said Valeria Salech, president of Mama Cultiva, in Infobae, referring to health teams, security forces, members of the judiciary, among others.

Carolina Gaillard (FdT) a popular the video of Maradona, in this sense: “We are very grateful for the different supports who join this common work, it will take force because it is a fight of mothers, a patient's right and a commitment of the State.

In addition to self-cultivation, the proposal for new regulations provides for production in public laboratories, full access to treatment with the substance, the possibility of withdrawing oil from pharmacies, new research developments, both at Conicet and INTA, and the possibility of using national seeds.

“We seek to use cannabis for all pathologies prescribed by the doctor, we believe that it is for everyone, not just for refractory epilepsy. Article 8, which is the register of home growers, must be well regulated so that the Ministry of Health authorizes the patient to present a medical history and a prescription and to have access to his plants, as well as to the access via pharmacies.

In addition, Conicet can conduct in-depth research with experimental crops that do not require, as the current law requires, a security check, ”Gaillard told Infobae.

In addition, as part of the draft new regulations, the interdisciplinary working table seeks to include agreements with universities and non-governmental organizations that provide knowledge and their own cultures, as well as with solidarity farmers, currently marginalized and persecuted by the drug law.

“The current regulations break the original spirit of the law and we must move forward to transform it and implement the legislation at all levels: clinical research, practice, plant production, education. There is a lot of helplessness in patients, ”said child neurologist Silvia Kochen, director of the Executive Unit for Studies in Neurosciences and Complex Systems at Conicet, who also joined the meeting with Frédéric.