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How to make CBD oil and is it worth it

Make CBD oil is actually quite simple and above all very economical! If you make a comparison, buying its cbd oil is quite expensive: around 50 € for 10ml (with 10% in cbd concentration). Making your own cbd oil is 12 to 30 times cheaper depending on the method used and that's what we'll see in this article.

How To Make DIY CBD Oil

But this is not the only advantage of "do it yourself", in fact it not only allows you to pay less for the same product, but also to control its composition: Well yes, if you do it yourself, you know exactly what's in it.

But also, it allows you to create an oil with a concentration adapted to your person, by this I mean that by dosing yourself the cannabidiol you can make your oil to measure.

Well in practice, it is simply a matter of extracting the cbd contained in the plant and associating it with a base of vegetable oil. Generally, we associate it with organic hemp oil but we can use any vegetable oil that passes through our hands it must be of quality: olive oil, coconut oil, TCM oil ...

To do so, there are three distinct extraction modes:

  • Oil-based extraction : It is the fastest method of extraction that exists, relatively easy to do and relatively safe! The only downside to this method is the shelf life of the product which depends on the oil used.
  • L'extraction with a solvent : Fairly simple to do, less expensive but very dangerous!
  • And finally Co2 extraction : This is the safest method and results in the purest quality oil, however it requires more skill and is more expensive. This is the method used by manufacturers, it requires expensive equipment and solid knowledge to achieve it, so I will not expand here further.
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To make oil, we will mainly use the cbd heads because they are the ones that contain the trichomes and therefore the vast majority of cannabinoids, but we can use the branches and leaves to a lesser extent. So let's start:

Make homemade cbd oil with oil based extraction

The process is really very simple, you need:

  • About 30g of hemp flowers
  • About 400-450g of carrier oil (preferred organic hemp oil)

Small aside concerning the cbd concentration of the oil, the less oil there will be and the more it will be loaded with cannabidiol, so do several tests to know the dosage that suits you.

Regarding the material, you will need:

  • A BIG grinder (or a sharp knife)
  • Hotplate, burner, stove
  • A sheet of baking paper
  • A bain-marie
  • A cooking thermometer
  • A filter (a coffee filter does the trick very well)
  • And a small airtight jar "Le Parfait".

To start, you will have to grind your cbd flowers so that they have a consistency of small, fine and uniform pieces. Above all, they must not be powdery, this would affect the final quality of the oil. You can use a knife, but make sure the whole thing is uniform and not too powdery.

Once this step is done, preheat your oven to 110 ° C. Then, spread your crushed flowers evenly on the baking paper itself placed on the baking sheet. Put everything in the oven and cook for an hour. This step is the decarboxylation step which is necessary! It is during this stage that the CBDA (the CBD which is said to be inactive) will transform into CBD. We deliberately use a long cooking time and low heat to make sure not to lose terpenes during the process (thus degrading the quality of the oil).

Once the decarboxylation step done, we will start the extraction process. Place the flowers and oil in a bain-marie, add 15-20cl of water and simmer. It is essential that the whole does not boil, the temperature of the mixture must not exceed 150 ° C, otherwise the terpenes will evaporate and the oil will have no properties. Simmer for 2-3 hours, constantly monitoring the mixture. When the extraction process is complete, the mixture should have a green-brown color.

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Once the extraction step is complete, place your filter on your jar and gently remove the mixture from the water bath. Carefully pour the mixture into your pot, once half filled, you will have to squeeze the filter in order to extract most of the oil from the flowers (be careful when pressing, it may be hot, then simply throw the flowers, they will no longer have any utility). Repeat the operation until you have spent all of your mixture. When finished, close the container tightly and store it in a cool, dry place in the shade. And There you go ! You made your own homemade cbd oil without anyone's help, congratulations!

Obviously, it will not be as powerful as if you had done the extraction with a solvent, but at least you will not have put yourself in danger and you will have an oil free of any chemical matter. Its taste will be much better, however, it is consumed quickly because it can degrade very quickly.

There is, however, a second way to make cbd oil with oil-based extraction, using cbd crystals. Available in most online cbd stores.

First, you will have to decide on the concentration of your oil:

Oil quantityCBD concentration
100 ml5%
50 ml10%
33 ml15%
25 ml20%

Then choose the oil you want to use, preferably organic hemp oil of course! Take a clean, dry container and pour 500mg of crystals in it, add the amount of oil you want according to the concentration you want. Simply mix with a fork until the crystals have become imperceptible and pour the mixture into a small container. As easy as that.

Now you have enough to make your own homemade oil, that's not good!

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