Making an electric racing car with hemp

hemp racing car

Romeo Ferraris Experience: the car that won the WTCR Trophy

Hemp and motor racing. A racing team called Romeo Ferraris in Italy made a model electric racing car with hemp fibers in its body.

The Giulia ETCR (this is how the model was named) contains MJ 404/100 fabric, more commonly known as Turkish Satin Hemp, in parts of its structure.

Romeo Ferraris collaborated with the Italian companies Fibertech Group, Bercella, Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale for the manufacture of the new model.

The car was presented at the Pure ETCR, a racing competition featuring modified cars.

Plant fibers are increasingly used in the automotive industry, thanks to their durability associated with excellent values ​​of weight, elasticity and resistance, superior to fiberglass and comparable to those of carbon which has become over the last forty years a standard material in the world of the race.

In one Press release, Michela Cerruti, director of the Romeo Ferraris team, said: “The use of hemp fiber for certain bodywork components demonstrates, on the one hand, our constant search for improvements and innovations for the project. Giulia ETCR, and on the other hand, the desire to offer a concrete contribution to eco-sustainability, an area in which motorsport plays an important role. "

The car with which Jean-Karl Vernay won the WTCR Trophy in 2020 with RomeoFerraris was on display at the headquarters in Opera, on Saturday November 13, Romeo Ferraris opened its doors and thanks to the first “Romeo Ferraris Experience” that was present, the company was able to assemble a selected list of clients and media. They had the opportunity to appreciate the activities of the company with several model cars and to test drive there. A buffet was set up inside the workshop with very good quality food and drinks to enjoy the exhibition.

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The event was the opportunity to unveil the Caterham Seven 170, the new entry-level model of the British brand of which Romeo Ferraris is the importer and official dealer in Italy. The special guest was Olivier Jouanne, Caterham's director for Western Europe, who launched Romeo Ferraris as an authorized dealer for Italy of the distinctive British brand, a year after acquiring Borghi Automobili.

The Seven 170, which weighs only 440 kilograms, is distinguished by its 3-cylinder Suzuki engine of 666, of motorcycling origin. Future customers were able to get behind the wheel and discover its excellent potential on a dedicated route. The more powerful Seven 485 and 485 CRS were also offered for test drives.

Giulia ETCR romeoferraris in hemp-fiber

The Romeo Ferraris experience was also enriched by the Plus Four and Plus Six models from Morgan Motors, another historic British manufacturer of which Romeo Ferraris is the only exclusive dealer in Italy.

To show his commitment to motorsport, Romeo Ferraris exhibited in a workshop an example of the Alfa Romeo Giuilette Veloce TCR, which lined up in 2020 in the FIA ​​WTCR world championships won the WTCR trophy. This year the Guilia ETCR entered the inaugural PURE ETCR race season and the all-new fully electric touring car series won the Copenhagen round and placed second among the manufacturers.

"We wanted to open the doors of our head office, in compliance with the regulations in force, with a guest list to show everyone our work and what we are capable of achieving, but also our wish to organize tests. of the new Caterham Seven 170, it is passion that brings us together. We had a really fantastic day which stimulated us to continue with even more motivation. We believe that the concept of #RFExperience allows us to show what our reality is. In view of the success that we have had, I can already tell you that we will come back to organize events of this type in order to be as inclusive as possible. "

Michela Cerruti, Romeo Ferraris operations manager

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