Cannabis Now magazine on newsstands at the airport

The future is on, you can buy Cannabis Now magazine at the airport

While cannabis was once a mysterious plant hidden from the general public's eye, the recent acceptance of the plant is now to expose it to all. The world's most widely distributed cannabis magazine, Cannabis Now, is available now available at airport kiosks. 

Cannabis Now, Cannabis magazine

The future of mainstream cannabis

It is only recently that cannabis has been stigmatized and illegal. Throughout the millennia of human history, herb has been harvested and cultivated for food, medicine, recreation, and industrial use. Although much of its history was forgotten during the 2nd century, the herb is now more popular than ever.

Cannabis Now, Cannabis magazine

Billboards for cannabis shops can now be seen along major highways in the US states. As of the end of 2015, weary travelers at 50 airports in the United States and Canada have been able to purchase Cannabis Now from the Hudson News publishing group.

Cannabis Now, Cannabis magazine

But the Hudson Group had not taken care to classify its publication in the category of "general interests". As the reports USA Today, Cannabis Now is now available in the General Interest section, along with the Rolling Stone and Vogue publications.

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Cannabis Now: cannabis for the general public

Cannabis Now is unique among cannabis publications. Additionally, featuring political interviews, science, cannabis cultivation, and more, Cannabis Now talks about the dominant status of weed.

Cannabis Now, Cannabis magazine
Eugenio Garcia, Editor / Co-Founder

At Cannabis Now, we are very proud to have published a magazine recognized and hosted in a traditional environment.

We believe this exhibit is representative of the global paradigm shift towards the acceptance of cannabis. - Eugenio Garcia

Popular culture's acceptance of cannabis is not limited to the United States and Canada. The California-based magazine reaches international audiences, this magazine is the most widely distributed in the world.

Cannabis Now, Cannabis magazine
The publication was already sold at some airports like LAX, JFK and O'Hare.

However Cannabis Now is also available for digital subscriptions to herbal enthusiasts around the world. Those in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom can sign up for bi-weekly print subscriptions delivered directly to home. Such a distribution means that Cannabis Now can compete for a few interviews and articles from celebrities, and cannabis experts.

Cannabis Now, Cannabis magazine
Recall that Mechoulam discovered THC at the end of the 1960s.

Recently, the publication presented an interview with THC's father himself, the Dr Raphael Mechoulam. Her knowledge is invaluable to mothers of children with epilepsy and recreational cannabis users.

Cannabis Now, Cannabis magazine

Cannabis Now, subscribers get exclusive access to in-depth tracks like Mechoulam's interview, as well as key lessons and stories from the world's most famous cannabis growers, such as Jorge Cervantes, who was featured in the past. In this way, Cannabis Now will change the way the general public views cannabis on a daily basis.

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