Macedonia plans to legalize cannabis

According to the Prime Minister "We will transform Skopje into Amsterdam"

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Ze'ev announced a plan to regulate the legal cannabis market in the country "legalizing" to promote tourism and the economy and fight crime. "The goal is for it to be supervised, like in Amsterdam," he said in an interview over the weekend.

To promote tourism and fight crime

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that his government plans to approve the legal use of cannabis, including in cafes and cultural businesses, especially in tourist areas such as the state capital Skopje or the riverbanks of the Ohrid river.

"This is part of a larger economic plan that we look forward to," Zeev said last weekend in an interview with Deutsche Welle (DW) , the main German communication network. Then when asked "Does this mean we will do Skopje Amsterdam?" ", He replied:" Why not! ".

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“This is the goal,” he continued, “that it should be supervised like in Amsterdam and many other cities around the world. The idea is to allow the use of cannabis in cafes, existing and new, as well as in tourist places, including Skopje.

The condition to allow the legal marketing of cannabis, according to Ze'ev, is that companies will comply with certain procedures such as proving the source of cannabis, labeling etc.… This will allow the use of cannabis in the commercial field. .

“I believe that for a small country this can lead to a significant development and promotion of tourism and hospitality, especially given our beautiful tourist sites" , he added.

However, Ze'ev also stressed that the decision is still subject to public consent. “If most people say 'don't touch it', we won't touch it. "

An ordered plan already approved by the Minister of Justice

According to a report released by Deutsche Welle, this legalization is not just an aspiration in Macedonia, but an orderly plan that has already been approved by Justice Minister Bojan Maricic, who announced that a committee to discuss the question will be attended by representatives of the public, experts from various fields, government and society.

"We will insist on this and ensure that the laws governing this matter are assimilated in an orderly manner, without exception, because otherwise we risk that everyone interprets the indictment according to their understanding, in order to avoid the chaos in the industry, ”said the Minister of Justice.

He further reinforced the Prime Minister's remarks, saying that "proper and quality regulation in this area can bring certain benefits to the country, such as the regulation of the cannabis trade, harm to crime and of course economic benefits. , in particular in the fields of tourism and hotels ”.

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Although Macedonia approved the sale of medical cannabis in pharmacies in 2016, criminal law still provides for severe penalties for the recreational use of cannabis. Even in Macedonia possession for personal use is still considered a criminal offense.

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