Luxembourg plans to relax the legalization of cannabis consumption

Parliament to vote on legalizing home-grown cannabis this month

The bill allows adults to grow up to four plants and use cannabis products inside their homes. Luxembourg residents who hope to be able to legally grow cannabis at home may not have to wait for an election, as parliament announced on Tuesday that it would vote before the end of the month on a bill calling for legalization.

The law "will have to be debated and voted on in public session during the week of June 26", according to an article published on the parliament's website.

The bill states that adults can legally grow up to four plants. Plants should not be visible from a public space and consumers should not use cannabis products outside of their residence.

"It would be about making consumption safer and making consumers and anyone else aware of the risks associated with it," said Justice Minister Sam Tanson in an article posted on the parliament's website.

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Persons who possess, transport or acquire cannabis products for their personal use will be authorized to transport up to three grams. Offenders are liable to a fine of 251 to 2 euros.

Luxembourg took a first step towards legalizing cannabis in June 2022. The government then launched a watered-down proposal that would decriminalize the drug and allow people to grow small amounts and consume them at home.

Two growers and 14 outlets would get the green light nationwide under the new plans, LSAP MP Mars di Bartolomeo said in April.

Luxembourg's plans were questioned in March after the country's Council of State said the proposals would violate international law.

The Grand Duchy has signed three United Nations treaties which stipulate that countries must pursue policies to combat the consumption and trafficking of illicit drugs, including cannabis.

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