The Luxembourg government announces that it will approve the legalization

the Luxembourg government announces that it will approve the legalization 2

Five weeks after its electoral victory, the new Luxembourg government promises legalization for recreational purposes. If that happens, then Luxembourg would become the first country in Europe to formally legalize cannabis.

Luxembourg is expected to become the first country in Europe to allow full legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes and not just for medical purposes.

At a press conference, the new Luxembourg government announced on Thursday that it would make the cannabis legalization program a central goal of the next mandate.

The new coalition was formed after the victory of the Democratic Party (DP) in the elections last month, which was joined by the Socialist Party (LSAP) and the Green Party.

Although parts of the Netherlands and Spain already sell cannabis in stores in a regulated manner, the crime law indicates that it is nevertheless a criminal offense. Only Uruguay, Canada and 10 US states allow full legalization.

Luxembourg is a small country, a member of the European Union, with only around 600 citizens. However, if the law allows citizens to consume, residents of neighboring countries could also benefit. Which opens the door to consumption for the citizens of the closest countries like France, Belgium and Germany, the potential is much greater.

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From left to right, Étienne Schneider, Xavier Bettel, Corine Cahen and Felix Braz. (photo: The essential)

Along with the promise of legalization, members of the coalition, led by Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, announced an increase in the minimum wage of 100 euros per week, free public transport and other benefits.

Corinne Kahn, head of the Democratic Party team, described the plans of the new Luxembourg government as "a very detailed plan giving priority to citizens".

"We will cut taxes, simplify bureaucratic procedures, and another point, recreational cannabis will be legally approved under certain conditions," she concluded.

At the same time, all the projects still have to be approved definitively by the other parties in the coalition, which should be received next week, immediately after the new government takes office.

Five months ago, the Luxembourg parliament approved the new law authorizing the prescription of cannabis by a doctor. Under the new law, any trained physician, including family physicians, can prescribe medical cannabis for a variety of illnesses and health conditions.

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