Uruguay increases the percentage of THC in pharmacies and thinks about tourism

The Ministry of Tourism seeks to change regulations to allow access to tourists

The Presidency, the Ministry of Tourism, the National Office of Drugs and the Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis are studying the expansion of the purchase of legal cannabis to tourists arriving in Uruguay. The current retail price of a five-gram container of recreational cannabis flowers is 370 Uruguayan pesos, or about $ 8.

The Uruguayan government has decided to increase the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in recreational cannabis sold in pharmacies across the country since 2017, and is seeking to change regulations to allow access to tourists.

This is what announced this Monday at a press conference the Secretary General of the National Drugs Council (JND) of the country, Daniel Radío, who said that although he does not think this tourist season can be achieved, they are studying how to modify regulations to allow tourists to access cannabis in the future, and that it could even be an attraction for visitors to arrive.

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According to D. Radío, insofar as the country's cannabis clubs plant and consume cannabis with a percentage of THC greater than 20%, the JND has decided to authorize a variant "which oscillates around 10% for sale in pharmacies" and that it would already be planted to be marketed in the coming months.

It will be about trying to recover new markets and retain the market that we currently have, ”he said, and assured that there are also plans to reduce the percentage of cannabidiol (CBD), the component which modulates the psychoactive effect.

Currently, according to the Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA), pharmacies sell two varieties, ALFA and BETA, which contain a percentage of THC less than or equal to 9% and a percentage of CBD equal to or greater than 3. %.

The current retail price of a five-gram container of recreational cannabis flowers is 370 Uruguayan pesos (approximately $ 8).

The sale of recreational cannabis in pharmacies began in Uruguay on July 19, 2017, three years after Parliament passed the law on the regulation of marijuana during the government of former President José Mujica (2010-2015) .

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With this measure, Uruguay completed the implementation of the three recreational access routes to cannabis stipulated in the law, since it has also allowed self-cultivation and growers' clubs since 2014. This measure has made l 'Uruguay a pioneer in the fight against drug trafficking, moving away from prohibitionism and punishment and prioritizing health policy aimed at reducing the risks and harms of drug use.

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