French Lunar or Moonrock

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Lunar, French-style marijuana caviar

The Lunar takes its name from its creator who, however, refers to the Moonrock technique. But its great originality, apart from a THC that would expect 50% on average, is its French design! The Lunar, as the Moonrock are heads containing shatter, covered in oil, kief. Those who have already tried it attest to its quality. And above all, its power… In addition, this rock of flavor has important medicinal properties. Make no mistake, the Lunar is a subtle delicacy, a perfection in the European landscape. 

Lunar, the French Moonrock

What is the Lunar?

Lunar, the French Moonrock

The Lunar or the marijuana caviar is a cannabis bud completely coated in kief, soaked or infused with cannabis oil. Let it dry for several hours; usually at night. Hence its affiliation with the domain of the Moon…

Lunar, the French Moonrock
Recipe: an infused bud, a form of cannabis extraction, all rolled in kief

The "culinary" recipe does not differ from the Moonrock. We cover the bud with kief, and this one contains an extraction oil (here shatter). That is to say we roll the bud loaded with shatter, in a container filled with kief. Lunar is therefore composed of:

  • K  (or called pollen), is a concentrated form of cannabis. It is made by recovering the cannabis flower trichomes through a sieve. In the Lunar, we can expect up to 40% THC, just for the Kief
  • Bud , about 20% THC, this is what serves as base and volume. The buds are therefore selected, we will obtain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Extraction oil (shatter) - The Shatter has a reputation for being the purest and cleanest of cannabis extractions. Heat, humidity and high terpene contents can also affect texture. In the case of Lunar the substance looks like sap. A telling sign, which determines an extraction of + 90% THC ...
Lunar, the French Moonrock

How to consume it?

You can use Lunar in much the same way you use a regular bud. The only thing you need to watch out for is that nice layer of kief… When dividing your Lunar, make sure you don't lose your kief.

Lunar, the French Moonrock
Lunar sachets are overflowing with kief ...

For this reason, you will avoid the grinders. Carefully use a sharp knife in place. After digging your Lunar, roll it in a splif (ideal in addition to a pure cannabis joint), or load it into your bong.

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The effects of Lunar

Lunar, the French Moonrock

The Lunar is certainly the best in France, even if it has not yet been released... Its creation process leads the Lunar to offer a THC of +50%. In small doses, it is effective in reducing pain, also stimulating appetite and reducing nausea. The product tested was based on Cheese, a powerful 60% hybrid Indica and 40% Sativa.

Lunar, the French Moonrock
Cheese, the balanced and powerful strain for stoner

Cheese has a poignant smell, it is a potent strain for stoners. Its particularity is hold the High for a long time, which is great with Lunar ^^ In theory, Lunar could help with symptoms: depression, arthritis, bipolar disorder but also against fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, migraines, loss of appetite etc… Finally everything that includes the medical, because indeed the Lunar is rich in THC, but also in Terpenes and in CBD… This caviar for stoners is therefore just as strongly medicinal!

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Breaking Dab's CrewTM

Lunar, the French Moonrock

Obviously such a masterpiece cannot be made in France. The Breaking Dab's Crew has its “HQ” in Spain. And like many enthusiasts, the Team has reached more favorable shores for the development of many extraction products. Besides the Lunar comes from the Latin Lunaris, which means Lunar. But in biology the Lunar is what we call a wine task (so french) ie a birthmark.

Lunar, the French Moonrock
Lunar, a French recipe caviar

For reasons that you understand, we are not going to dwell on this fantastic Team. This marijuana caviar is made in Spain, by French "exiles". So it is greatly hoped that the distribution will go beyond borders. One day the Lunar will return to France, in the meantime we can only encourage the fantastic work of the Breaking Dab's Crew.

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