Maine restaurant gives grass to lobsters

maine restaurateur feeds his lobsters some weed

Baked, then steamed; Why does Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound give their lobsters weed?

For years Charlotte Gill has viewed her Maine restaurant, Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, as something of a paradox. Gill, who was overwhelmed by the pain and suffering lobsters experience when they are cooked alive. Today she feeds her crustaceans, with weed in order to make their end of life more pleasant ...

lobster, Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, restaurant
Maine's atypical restaurant, Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound

The proof in lobster? reports that Gill has seriously considered transforming his Southwest Harbor restaurant into a lemonade stand. Indeed, she runs a place where life is good, but to the detriment of lobster, the main course she offers… Then she thought about the first time she got high… And she knew she could do something to ease the suffering of his lobsters.

 It's like you're in a big sports arena and there's a little light on. And suddenly someone turned on all the lights. "

After reading articles on cannabinoid receptors in invertebrates, Gill and her staff took a cardboard box from a vendor and filled it with water, then covered it and inserted a straw. They put their first test subject, a lobster named Roscoe, in the box and blew marijuana smoke through the straw. The result ? Roscoe has gotten very, very cool, she says.

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lobster, Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, restaurant
Charlotte Gill and her fine team of restaurateurs

A "special" cooking ...

Before serving them to customers, the restaurant is still experimenting with a process crustacean steam for six minutes. Then we cook the body and the tail under an additional 420 degrees. Gill's 82-year-old father is the subject of the test. And, so far, he hasn't tested positive for THC. Even after consuming the body and tail. It must still be tested after eating the claws, which have not undergone additional cooking ...

lobster, Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, restaurant
“Even when you cover the pot and turn away from it, you can hear the lobster banging and slamming against the wall. Or the tongs of the creature scraping the pot. In other words, the lobster behaves a lot like you and me if we were immersed in boiling water. " Foster Wallace

Gill, notes that within three weeks of returning to the tank with his lobster friends, Roscoe remained relaxed and watched the other lobsters in the tank "calm down" ... (Roscoe was eventually released into the ocean in reconnaissance of his services rendered.)

Does the lobster feel the pain?

Joseph Ayers, professor of marine and environmental sciences at Northeastern University, doesn't believe that giving cannabis to lobsters makes a difference. During a surgical experiment in his lab, he saw a lobster eat its own tail.

"There have been studies since the late 1930s where people took the [nerve] cord of a lobster and shredded it into single axons, and no one has ever reported a pain neuron," he said…

Ayers also cited a lobster's ability to release its own appendix as a survival mechanism. This is a behavior called autonomy. The professor, considers as proof that he does not feel pain… Not to mention that the study of the reaction of crustaceans to weed is difficult to monitor: “We cannot question them,” Ayers said. “It would be a very difficult experience to achieve. " But…

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lobster, Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, restaurant
However, lobsters are endowed with nociceptors. But also the equivalent for invertebrates of prostaglandins. As well as neurotransmitters similar to those that allow our brain to transmit pain ...

Lobsters spiced or killed with cannabis?

If all goes well, Gill, a custodian of medical marijuana in the state, hopes to start serving her Space lobsters next week… Gill was opposed to the use of cannabis until she tried it for the first time six years ago. But her own experience has led her to believe that cannabis does make a difference in the quality of life for both humans and animals.

lobster, Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, restaurant
Since THC attaches itself to the fat body of the creature, Space Lobster will soon be available and tasty.

Knowing also that it is quite possible to infuse dishes of the sea, with cannabis. His life-saving business for lobsters at the end of their life is likely to have a great success. Plus, Gill says she thinks meat tastes better - sweet, light and "positive."

“We're not trying to make money with it; we don't charge extra, ”she said. “But if it's a place to create happiness, then [the lobster] has to die that way. "

 "This whole concept is based on trying to do the right thing, to try to make the world a better place," she said. “The proof is in the lobster. "

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