Illinois becomes the 11th state to legalize for recreational purposes

Illinois approved legalization: cannabis is legal from age 21

Illinois lawmakers voted to legalize recreational marijuana, becoming the 11th U.S. state to do so and bolstering Governor JB Pritzker's efforts to bolster the cash-strapped state's finances .

Representatives room has adopted Friday the QUOTE authorizing the purchase and possession of cannabis by those 21 years of age and over from 2020. The Senate approved the bill on Wednesday. Governor Pritzker, who will take office in January, had made legalization one of the pillars of his campaigns and said soon after the law was passed that he would sign it. The billionaire's budget proposal for the year starting July 1 includes roughly $ 170 million from the sale of producer licenses.

Illinois joins the growing movement to end the drug ban: Ten more states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational cannabis in the last seven years, according to the report. National Conference of State Legislatures . Illinois' decision follows Michigan, potentially creating a hub in the Midwest after legalization efforts in New Jersey and New York have been blocked earlier this year.

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What does the new law allow?

While waiting for stores to open, it is now possible to grow up to 5 plants at home and store up to 30 grams cannabis for personal consumption. The new law automatically erases criminal records of around 800000 Americans. The tax gains, estimated at 500 million dollars per year, will be directed to the public: 35% of the general budget to the state and 25% to a community rehabilitation fund. 10% will be allocated to institutions for education and information.

Le Vermont was the first state to legalize cannabis through a bill in its legislature while the rest did so in referendums. Illinois is now the second state to have done so.

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