Lil Wayne's GKUA brand expands to Colorado

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After California and Michigan GKUA of Lil Wayne broadens its scope

After getting into the cannabis business, Lil Wayne Expands GKUA Line to Top Colorado Dispensaries. The cannabis brand co-founded by artistic giant and cannabis connoisseur Lil Wayne has announced that its highly sought-after cannabis products and strains will be available throughout Colorado at select dispensaries starting January 27.

“GKUA is an inspiration to people, it's a reality. Now Colorado will be able to experience the quality and power of this GKUA ”, declared Lil Wayne.

GKUA Ultra Premium launched in December 2019 in California with great fanfare, bringing some of the best cannabis products in the world to market. GKUA Ultra Premium products are available at select dispensaries in California, Michigan, and now Colorado. GKUA Ultra Premium flower comes from the most experienced growers, who produce very limited and incredibly potent strains with some of the highest natural THC levels on the market. GKUA has teamed up with award-winning Colorado-based Harmony Extracts to bring these potent, terpene-rich strains, along with incredible oils and concentrates, to the state.

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An epileptic past

Lil Wayne suffers from epileptic seizures for which cannabis may be beneficial as an anticonvulsant, the rapper nevertheless remains discreet about his use of cannabis for medical purposes. Unfortunately, seizure medications don't always work, and major epilepsy research centers admit their treatment failures for certain types of epilepsy. Furthermore, researchers have had difficulty in demonstrating the relationship between stress and seizures.

Likewise, cannabis may work as an anti-seizure solution for Lil Wayne, even though he has been prescribed epilepsy medication. in the past. Unfortunately, the side effects associated with epilepsy medication may also not be suitable for someone like Lil Wayne, who has a busy rap career.

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

When Lil Wayne had his first seizures in early 2013, he thought it was due to sizzurps: purple drank or lean. However, doctors told him very quickly that his seizures were not caused by codeine, but were triggered by stress.

“In short, I could have already died. That's why it was so serious. The reason for my seizures is simply stress, insufficient sleep and overwork. It's typical for me. The GKUA is a source of inspiration for people. Now Colorado is going to be able to experience the quality and power of this GKUA, ”said Lil Wayne.

Colorado smokers have one more reason to celebrate. The products have been available in California since December 2019 and a big first for Colorado retailers.

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At least a dozen other rappers and producers have launched lines of similar cannabis products in recent years. When it was launched, GKUA will be available at dispensaries across the state of Colorado, including through special collaborations with Wolfpac, The Herbal Cure, Cannabis Depot and Emerald Fields, all of which will carry a full line of GKUA products.

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