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More and more people smoke cannabis on a daily basis

A large-scale study examined marijuana use over the past 20 years. The study found that there would be 3x more “fixed” American consumers who regularly consume cannabis. “Use became similar to cigarette use” – “People started using it every day” according to the researchers.

Medical cannabis patients are accustomed to daily and permanent use of marijuana, but the recreational use of cannabis as a hobby is gradually becoming more frequent and permanent in their daily lives of Americans.

The therapeutic seal, starting point of all legalizations

A new study published in the scientific journal “Journal of Drug Issues“, examined cannabis consumption habits in the United States. We see that compared to the past, a certain number of regular users (at least once a day) have increased significantly in recent years.

3x more regular users

The two principal investigators responsible for the study, Dr Steven Davenport and Dr Jonathan Kolkins; examined user data over 20 years, in order to establish a profile of the public who would use marijuana in the United States.


The use profile determined by the researchers is based on comparative evidence compared to the past. This report states that compared to the 90s, there are 3x more fixed and regular users of marijuana in the United States.

“In the 90s, only 1 in 9 users consumed cannabis for daily or almost daily use” Affirms the study

Today the number has increased by 1 in 3 users, regular users are responsible for 68% of all cannabis consumption. According to them, the meaning of this spectacular result is due to a better informed public, who use the benefits of the plant.


However, the researchers explicitly stated that the results do not indicate the success or failure of the “War of Drugs” (war on drugs), or any results of positive legislation in the United States since legalization in Washington and Colorado.

Daily smokers, who control themselves

The profile of the cannabis smoker is established in the study as similar to cigarette smoking, therefore more of a recreational drug usually associated with alcohol.

“The usage patterns observed in the study are similar to those that appear among tobacco users,” he concludes.

The results show that over the past 20 years the use of cannabis has become similar to that of alcohol, but more in terms similar to the use of cigarettes.

The big tobacco brands have a head start ...

Due to frequent use, the majority of users have used cannabis in the past year while maintaining “complete control” of their lifestyle, regardless of the amount of cannabis they consume. This is what the research published by Dr Kolkins states in a letter sent to The Washington Post.

Dr Kolkins would like to add that regular cannabis users are often calculated by statistics grouping together weak socio-economic trends and less educated individuals, who lack control over the amount consumed ...

A disadvantaged population that informs itself - Credit: Washington Post

In conclusion even if the study may seem negative in the eyes of the state; the results demonstrate the offensive capacities of the public in favor of positive cannabis legislation. And certainly the need to accompany a legalization for therapeutic purposes concerning users in the event of damage to health.

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