Levi's partners with Danish fashion brand to roll out hemp denim

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GANNI and Levi's launch sustainable denim collection

The brands have opted for cottony hemp as a raw material. On the ecological issue, denim is a real concern, given the amount of water and other resources it takes to make a single blue-jens. GANNI and LEVI'S have teamed up to find a way to design the manufacturing of their products in a more environmentally friendly way.

Available from Wednesday February 24, GANNI and Levi's are teaming up for their second denim collaboration. Combining the classic styles and aesthetics of both brands with innovation, the 14-piece ready-to-wear collection was made using cottony hemp, which allows for less water and pesticides to be used, to push towards a more sustainable future.

“One of the most interesting aspects of our collaboration with the Levi's team has been our shared ambition to create a responsible product,” explains Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director of GANNI, to Teen Vogue. “The hemp used to make the fabric is entirely rain fed, with a proven lower ecological footprint than traditional denim, traditionally made from cotton. Cotton hemp is so soft and luxurious to the touch that it cannot be said that it is not conventional denim ”.

“So much has happened in the area of ​​sustainability in fashion in recent years,” she adds. “Consumers have woken up to the effects of the fashion industry and demand a lot more from brands, which is only a good thing. We all need to find solutions through innovation, because fashion will not go away ”.

This collaboration was an opportunity to use sustainable materials of a higher level with Levi's cotton hemp, Karyn Hillman, product manager at Levi's said in a press release. “It has been an incredible job with the GANNI team, we both share a passion for authenticity, originality and sustainability. In the end, we wanted to inspire authentic self-expression - creating unique, easy-to-wear pieces that people fall in love with, and wear over and over again ”.

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As part of this release, the brands also unveiled a launch campaign. The campaign imagery for the collection was captured by talented London-based Rosie Marks, who was specifically chosen by the GANNI team to capture their vision for this collaboration. “We first worked with Rosie Marks for our GANNI 202020 exhibit in August of last year and fell in love with her way of documenting normal, everyday people,” says Reffstrup.

“Make the ordinary extraordinary with his signature cardboard cutouts. For this campaign, we wanted to create something global, community-based and fun, ”she adds. “Since the pandemic teams couldn't move, we came up with the following concept: we filmed a casting in London and turned it into cardboard figures, then sent them to Copenhagen and San Francisco. , the hometowns of the two brands, and we photographed the cardboard figurines in emblematic places of these cities ”.

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The humor and lightness of the imagery brings an extra layer of life to the denim collection and it's an innovative way to capture denim while meeting COVID-19 guidelines. The collection sells for between US $ 115 and US $ 475 and will be available on and as well as in stores Levi's and GANNI around the world and with some partners.

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