The first application dedicated to therapeutic cannabis in Italy

Let's Weed is the first and only platform in Italy dedicated to therapeutic cannabis

The Italian Ministry of Health has announced that the cannabis produced in Florence (by the army) will be available at the end of January in pharmacies. And already two ingenious entrepreneurs deliver an application similar to the best in the USA. This site, available free of charge on the Internet, allows all Italian patients to quickly subscribe to medical treatment based on cannabis. A reliable system called "Let's Weed"


Let's Weed

It all started in April 2015 in Copertino, a small Italian town in the province of Lecce, in the Italian region of Puglia. In fact, the city is twinned with Cupertino (Silicon Valley). And this is where Antonio Perri, as a management engineer, along with a programmer analyst, Stefano Rosato, decided to combine their skills in a project with great social impact ...

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The small town of Copertino

Anyone can register on Let's Weed and have free access to the system. As well as a list of Italian doctors who prescribe cannabis and the pharmacies that distribute them. Users can also get in touch with each other and exchange information. As well as better advice for specific conditions that are treatable with cannabinoids. The system is very reliable, it checks the history of each doctor and each pharmacy one by one.

Map rendering of "Let's Weed"

A private initiative

The two accomplices have no support from the public administration or the Ministry of Health, Let's Weed is a private initiative. On several occasions they tried to contact the Ministry of Health, but they never responded.


Such an enterprise would have needed institutional support. Indeed, the system could be extended to all regions of Italy and it would no longer be necessary to manually check each doctor and each pharmacy.

Beatrice Lorenzin, Minister of Health and Roberta Pinotti, Minister of Health announcing the agreement on the cultivation of cannabis, September 18 in Rome.

This does not mean, however, that their services do not correspond perfectly to the directives of the ministry. On the contrary, they respect all the regulations published to date. All products listed are exclusively those that have been legally authorized by the Department of Health. But the production of marijuana, its trade, in Italy are very profitable activities for organized crime. Besides theItaly, after decriminalizing cannabis, reinstated prohibitionist laws.

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The army is committed to growing weed ...

But Rome, this time did not want to open the debate on the decriminalization of consumption. Indeed, the law continues to prohibit consumers from making their production on the balcony, and even on medical advice. They must always go through the official channel of pharmacies.

Pharmacies distributing medical cannabis in Europe

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