The opioids fund the prohibitionists in Arizona

The opioids fund the prohibitionists in Arizona

Cannabis opponents in Arizona fund campaign with the most dangerous morphines on the market

205 Prop, received an investment of half a million dollars -. 500,000 $ - from Insys Therapeutics, a highly controversial pharmaceutical company based in Chandler that produces synthetic cannabinoids and fentanyl, known as the most potent and dangerous opioid on the market. This aggressive marketing of the company as well as other dubious business practices triggered several federal investigations.


This is just the latest example of the pharmaceutical lobby, which, like the alcohol lobby, is spending huge sums of money to keep marijuana illegal and to protect their funded interests.

A business accustomed to roller coasters

Supporters of the 205 Prop, the Arizona initiative that would regulate marijuana as alcohol, held the 8 September 2016 a press conference to discuss the decision of the opposition campaign that to accept- a massive contribution from a pharmaceutical company of a suspicious reputation and financial interest that would totally respect illegal marijuana ... The home page of the Insys website boasts of the development of "Pharmaceutical Cannabinoids", which are synthetic versions of the natural chemical compounds found in marijuana ....

Insys, reseller of synthetic cannabinoids

According to campaign financial reports, the committee formed to oppose Prop 205 received a contribution from 500.000 $ the August 31 of Insys Therapeutics, Inc.

According to an article by the CNBC about the Chandler-based company - titled "The Pain Killer: A Drug Company Putting Profits Above Patients" (The Pain Killer ": A Pharmaceutical Company Putting Its Profits Over Patients) - Established That the Number of Pain Insys is "almost entirely derived from opiate derivatives in fentanyl, known as highly addictive," which specialists call "the most powerful and dangerous opioid on the market ... Questionable practices and aggressive marketing of 'Insys has unleashed in the state of multiple federal investigations, including one conducted by the Attorney General of Arizona.

"We are really shocked by the decision of our opponents to accept this gift of what appears to be one of the most unscrupulous members of Big Pharma." - "You have a business using the profits from the sale of what 'the most powerful and dangerous opioid on the market.' JP Holyoak, president of the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol

In addition to selling an extremely powerful and dangerous opioid, they have been indicted by many states and the federal government for the way they proceed.

"Our opponents made a conscious decision to partner with this company. They are now funding their campaign with profits from the sale of opioids - and perhaps even the misuse of these same opioids. We hope everyone understands that Arizona and its drug policy is now responsible for abuse. Their entire campaign is tainted by this money. Whenever an ad is shown against Prop. 205, voters should know that she has been paid by highly suspect Big Pharma players. " JP Holyoak

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