Canadian gangs lose interest in cannabis smuggling

Gangs in Canada are less and less interested in trafficking in marijuana

A new study by the Canadian federal government suggests that drug traffickers and gangs are much less likely to produce and distribute cannabis. Statistics Canada's results have surprised many police officers who still believe that cannabis is very prevalent on the black market.


Cannabis trafficking: numbers do not lie

Le Statistics Canada report followed all drug offenses for two years. And this in the four major Canadian cities. Indeed, they found that among all charges of cannabis trafficking, only 39% were gang related. However, it is that only 6% of cannabis production is due to organized crime ...

The famous Hells Angel gang undermined by legalization ...

It just shows how much cannabis production has passed into the hands of ordinary people, businesses and dispensaries. But when it comes to hard drugs, indeed gangs are much more involved. Indeed, organized crime is heavily present in arrests of trafficking in heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. Respectively 75%, 62% and 60% ...

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HomeGrow means the end of gang dealers

Professor Neil Boyd, a Simon Fraser University researcher believes the Canadian government and RCMP are dramatically exaggerating the amount of criminal groups linked to cannabis.

“It's not particularly predatory behavior. If they were to take a closer look at the use of force or bribery, I think you'd get a very big drop in organized activity compared to cannabis. "

Asian Gang of Canada

Boyd is a co-author of a study that was submitted to the Federal Legalization Panel last year. However, another government report from 2011 shows that 5% of criminal cases related to marijuana result from the activities of street gangs. This data was analyzed over eight years ...

Surprise statistics


Nate Erskine-Smith, Liberal MP for Toronto in the riding of Beaches-East York in Toronto. Indeed, she was always surprised to see the number of legitimate dispensaries in the country.

Public steaming weed at the Toronto Rally

Now Canada must clarify that these dispensaries are still technically illegal. But they will not be categorized as "organized crime." "

“Don't get me wrong, there are dispensaries across the country that are focused on harm reduction and patient treatment, [but] other dispensaries are focused on making money. This is another reason why we should have a regulated environment. Nate Erskine-Smith

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