8 benefits of microdosing

Microdosing is an effective, risk-free, cleaner, more discreet way of using cannabis.

Microdosing is an effective way to save money while maintaining interesting and prolonged effects. It is not a novel method, but its use is growing, especially among new consumers.

Consumers choose microdosing for several reasons. Some use this method to reduce their consumption, others want to optimize their purchase. However, most microdosers simply want to increase and maintain the effects of their regular consumption of THC. We went deeper into this question in order to select the best reasons to microdose her cannabis.

Here are at least 8 benefits of microdosing cannabis:

  1. Treat diseases: about 40 pathologies respond to cannabis-based treatments, including anxiety, chronic pain, depression, inflammation and indigestion. Microdosing allows you to take treatments at controlled doses to maintain effects throughout the day.
  2. Have a clear mind: Almost all cannabis strains provide a sense of creativity and alertness. By taking a small dose when you are tired or anticipating fatigue, you can manage your day accordingly.
  3. Stay socially active: Cannabis changes behavior. The microdosing is for those who need a boost to adopt an active and constant social behavior.
  4. Consume longer: The size of the appropriate dose depends on the number of THCs in the strain. But, as this affects everyone differently, only trial and error will help you establish effective treatment. As Dr. James Fadiman said at Vice "Microdosing seems to improve almost everything you do, just a little bit."
  5. Learn the microdosing: In an article published on Dr. Duston Sulak recommends abstaining from cannabis for two days. On the third day, consume one milligram of THC and one milligram of CBD, preferably in a dye or oil where they can be accurately metered. He proposes to increase the dose one milligram at a time every two days and to take notes on his physical and mental state.
  6. Easy to use: Once you understand the goal and the discipline you need, no matter how you use your cannabis, your consumption will be easier, and you'll have better management of your doses. Your goal is to metabolize just enough THC to get the best effects.
  7. Dosage responsibly: microdosing helps you extend the effects over time. It allows you to better measure the absorption and its effects while controlling your physical and mental state.
  8. Reduce side effects: A low dose of regular cannabis does not harm the user. It produces subtle but noticeable benefits, while greatly reducing side effects.

Improve the effects of cannabis with microdosing

With microdosing, you get the most from a minimal amount. For example, microdosing can regulate mood, stimulate creativity, or enhance sports, yoga, or meditation sessions.

Microdosing is logical and disciplined. This should not discourage any consumer. However, microdosing is not recommended for those who just want significant and rapid psychotropic effects.

However, if you want a minimal effect, microdosing is the most recommended. Given its operation, its impact in any dosage form, microdosing is ideal for those who want or need increased control of benefits and side effects.

Microdosing makes it possible not to have the classic image of the cannabis consumer. Moreover, this method avoids for some to be confronted with smoking or vaping.

There is, however, a concern about the accuracy and reliability of labeling. Without this, you can not do a dosage correctly or easily. Without data on cannabis content, THC / CBD ratio or density, it is difficult to make a good microdose. With more information about what cannabis contains, you can measure with more precision and confidence.

In the future, microdosing could be an important part of the cannabis market. All indications are that there is a significant niche market for low consumption products, with a growing demand for more comprehensive labeling and better differentiated products.

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