Legalization of cannabis

Cannabis legislation, law and regulation news

Why legalize cannabis? First of all, it should be noted that legalization seems to be the path taken by the majority of the world. More and more states and countries are legalizing marijuana. On the one hand, initiatives are multiplying to demand legalization. On the other hand, we can see more than ever the support for cannabis law reform.

So many polls show the public's interest in the rules for legalizing legal cannabis. The real medical benefits of this plant are already approved by several agencies and official administration. Despite this, even if popular culture accepts marijuana, prohibition is unjustified.

In this regard, Blog Cannabis offers to visit legal, economic and political news about cannabis: All about legalization: Draft Law, Regulation of consumption, Law and Effects of legalization.

« for se get an idea The benefits of legalization include:

  • Reduction of court costs and arrests
  • New tax revenues
  • Decreased consumption in adolescents
  • Regulation of cannabis prices
  • Cleaner, better quality cannabis
  • Decreased income for gangs and cartels

In which countries is cannabis use legal or decriminalized? It should be mentioned that the legality of cannabis as a “drug” varies by country, in terms of possession, distribution and cultivation, and medically, how it can be consumed and under what medical conditions it can be used. Here is an overview of legalization by country.

GLOBAL GUIDE TO LEGALITY: Where Cannabis Is Legal Around The World And Where It's Not