Legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina at the conference “Legalization of cannabis for medical purposes

The conference on the theme “Legalization of cannabis for medical purposes – how to speed up the process?”

The “Legalization of Cannabis” conference, organized for the first time at the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, brought together representatives of many institutions in the country.

Participants in the conference include representatives of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, parliamentarians from different levels of government, representatives of the Ministry of Health of the FBiH, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the RS, clinical centers of BiH, SIPA and the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, the police of Brčko entities and districts of BiH, the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices and other state agencies, institutes , as well as members of the university community, pharmacists and representatives of associations and inspections.

Saša Magazinović, member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the strongest supporter of this initiative within this institution, said that all sick people who consume cannabis oil expect to be able to use it legally.

“They expect to be treated by doctors rather than dealers and to buy cannabis oil in pharmacies rather than in obscure parks. If this is not clear to everyone, we are talking, and it is important to emphasize this, about a large number of people who suffer from great pain, who suffer from autoimmune diseases, malignant diseases, neurological disorders… we are talking about people whose quality of life is considerably impaired. We are all here because of these people,” Mr Magazinović said.

He added that the conference brings together people who make decisions, execute them and deal with this topic from a legal, security and scientific perspective.

“There were people from different institutions with different political orientations coming together with a common goal, that of finally allowing the use of cannabis for medical purposes,” Magazanovic said.

He said he has been dealing with this topic for four years and through his work on this issue he has been in communication with hundreds of people who are using cannabis oil illegally.

“They are the motivation to push this story to the end. In the past, the legalization of cannabis was a progressive idea, today this is no longer the case, it is an international obligation. Three years ago, the United Nations Drug Commission United Nations withdraws cannabis from the list of prohibited substances and transferred it to the second column – permitted under special control. This is what we need,” he said.

Nataša Grubiša, Director of the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that in order to protect the health of their patients, they wanted to have clear, high-quality and controlled medicines through this initiative.

“Currently we do not know what type of resins our patients receive, we do not know how they are dosed, in what way they are received, and we are aware that our doctors themselves buy them, because when we are in a situation, we do not choose the means. At this moment we are all actors, without mentioning certain acts, without naming them, but we are aware that we must act not only because of the Convention that the United Nations mandates us, but also because we want our citizens receive safe, effective and high-quality medicines,” said Mr. Grubiša.

Nediljko Rimac, Minister of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the topic discussed today is extremely important for Bosnia and Herzegovina and added that the Federal Ministry of Health supports this initiative in order to find solutions quality legal documents.

“As a doctor, before being at the head of the ministry, I myself practiced oncological surgery, and I know to what extent cannabis has been used to suppress intense pain,” said Mr. Rimac , adding that the objective of today's event is to allow patients to obtain the necessary preparation in a legal way, reports AA.

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