Medical legalization in Argentina

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Argentina becomes last country to legalize cannabis oil

Lawmakers in Argentina have legalized cannabis oil for the treatment of serious medical conditions. The new law also allows the cultivation of cannabis for distribution and research. Cannabis will be imported from countries outside of Argentina as the country develops local cultivation operations. On Thursday March 30, the Argentine Senate unanimously voted for the medical legalization of cannabis.

cannabis oil, epilepsy, medical legalization, Argentina

Unanimous vote

On Thursday, March 30, the Argentine Senate unanimously voted to legalize medical marijuana, positioning the country as the last country in Latin America with a medical marijuana program. According to Business Standard, Argentine President Mauricio Macri is likely to sign the bill. It is popular with patients and families and has partial support.

cannabis oil, epilepsy, medical legalization, Argentina
Fernando Vilumbrale and his daughter as they wait outside Congress for the Senate to pass a law to legalize the medical use of cannabis in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 29, 2017

The legislation also removes the ban on importing cannabis oil, and Argentines will be allowed to purchase cannabis with a prescription, according to the Business Standard.

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A continuous reform

But as the Associated Press reported, activist groups like Mama Cultiva Argentina are enthusiastic about the new laws. However, they are already pushing for continued reform. The group hopes that one day Argentines will be able to grow the plant themselves at home.

cannabis oil, epilepsy, medical legalization, Argentina
A protester wears a t-shirt with the word "Self-cultivation"

On Wednesday, Valeria Salech, the president of the organization, told reporters:

In history, big things always come in small steps.

Mama Cultiva also advocated cannabis as a possible therapy for HIV / AIDS patients as well as those with seizure disorders.

cannabis oil, epilepsy, medical legalization, Argentina
The panel shows a girl named Nayra, who suffers from refractory partial epilepsy. It reads: "medical cannabis - pain can't wait"

Another medical cannabis advocacy group, Medical Cannabis Argentina, is grateful that patients in need finally have access to a drug that works. Ana Maria Garcia Nicora told to Reuters

30% of epileptics do not respond to traditional medicine. My daughter has had epilepsy for 24 years and this is a solution for her.

In Latin America, Argentina is supporting Uruguay, the first country in the world to legalize cannabis at all levels. Colombia, Chile, and Mexico have legalized marijuana, and Peru is working on its own legalization law.

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