Inevitable Legalization in France


Legalization Inevitable in France - Politicians & economists denounce the "hypocrisy" of French firm solutions

The weakness of the results of the prohibitionist regime is particularly remarkable in France where, despite a very repressive legislative framework, the consumption of cannabis is proving to be more important than in the European States which have opted for its decriminalization ... However, the fight against trafficking remains the case. main argument of French politicians; this recently proved to us by Benoît Hamon, who intends to integrate the ideas of his political competitors into his future program ...


Benoît Hamon

August 17, 2016, while a recent report suggests moving from penalization to the contraventionnalisation of cannabis, Benoît Hamon, who primary school candidate left for the presidential election of 2017, denounces the "hypocrisy" solutions of firmness. The deputy Yvelines, which states that it does not encourage marijuana, and therefore proposes to legalize cannabis, with a distribution controlled by the state, to "dry up the underground economy and violence."


An argument that can already be found among its political competitors and economist specialists, just like that of the Basic Income that he proposes ...

Esther Benbassa

Senator Esther Benbassa, is one of the political initiators of cannabis in France. In 2014, she tabled a bill in the Senate to decriminalize and legalize the use of cannabis. Senator EELV (Europe Écologie Les Verts) declares:

This is a text that aims to open the debate. The idea is to entrust the cultivation of cannabis, its sale and distribution to the state, rather than underground networks and dealers "

Cécile Duflot

the ex-French minister-of-the-ecology-and-the-environment-Cecile-duflot-the-5-2014 April-a-paris-few-days-after-than-the-ecologists-ont- refuses-to-get-to-government-to-valls_4891181

22 June 2016. Cécile Duflot Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing, surprises RMC and BFMTV and recalls EELV's position in favor of the decriminalization of cannabis.

"The objective is twofold: it is to reduce trafficking, to suppress trafficking and violence, in particular, and to have a public health policy" ... "We must consider that cannabis is like alcohol and tobacco, same diet: a public health and prevention policy, especially with regard to the youngest. She explained.

Emmanuelle Auriol


Economist and professor at the Toulouse School of Economics, advocates legalization for economic reasons, and calls for a debate at the top of the state.

"Decriminalization does not hamper organized crime" ... "Legalization is the only reasonable way", argues Emmanuelle Auriol in his last book, To finish with the mafias. Sex, drugs and clandestine: if we legalized? (Armand Colin).

Daniel Vaillant


The former Minister of the Interior by Lionel Jospin is an atypical and pragmatic figure in the landscape of supporters of the legalization of cannabis. He feels compelled to remember that he has "never smoked a single joint" and that he is "not for consumption".

“There is a form of hypocrisy, regrets Vaillant. We are one of the most repressive European countries in terms of the law, and it is also one of those where we consume the most. ”

Jean-Yves Coquillat


The public prosecutor of GrenobleJean-Yves Coquillat, also thinks that the repressive policy conducted in France since 40 years against cannabis is a failure.

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Renaud Colson

His work focuses on the comparison of rights, the judiciary and the law of drugs. Taking note of national epidemiological data and the latest international legal developments, Renaud Colson outlines the socio-historical reasons that make the legalization of cannabis inevitable:

Vincent Peillon

Vincent Peillon

Former Minister of Education was surprised "on the somewhat backward side of France" in the matter.

"I now see almost every evening on our television channels reports to show the illicit trafficking of our suburbs, the danger in which our fellow citizens live, including school children", illustrated the minister

Nicolas Sarkozy


"I have never smoked a firecracker in my life, it is not at all that I am against", affirmed the ex president on RTL on August 06, 2016. Coming from someone who, in 2012, saw the hypothesis of decriminalization as "madness", the gap is surprising ...

National debate

The opinion of French politicians is changing, the general public is more and more informed on the subject. Science regularly feeds us with studies proving that the legislation of the past was false. France persists in a repressive policy despite the regular debates, which are often controversial.

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But it will have fewer and fewer excuses to overcome a future legalization. On the other hand, let us note that according to economists and other analysts, it will be a shame in view of a legalization to want to limit the rate of THC… Fixing a maximum limit of THC would explode the black markets against which France has always fought with struggling …

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