Legalization in France

Legalization in France

Legalization in France, here are 9 excellent reasons to stop having apriorist opinions

Cannabis prohibition does more harm than good for everyone. Are you not convinced ? Here are nine good reasons to prove you wrong. In a different there are always two sides. When the question arises on cannabis and on legalization in France, market regulation, decriminalization or stopping the persecution of consumers, it is important to understand that this question has a direct impact on the well-being of the public in a considerable way. If you've been smoking cannabis for a long time, we don't need to convince you.

Legalization in France

Creation of hidden financing

The prohibition of cannabis to the public contributes to the creation of a black market, the financing of criminal and terrorist organizations. Remember the prohibition prohibiting alcohol in the United States at the beginning of the last century. At the same time it was the golden age of criminal organizations that later all came to the world drug market. This sometimes includes entire nations who have not hesitated to jump at the chance to organize trafficking with the nations of the world ...

Legalization in France

In addition to criminal organizations that feed and sell on the sly, terrorist organizations take advantage of the situation in Europe (and elsewhere) to enrich themselves easily. And we let that happen before our eyes. What is forbidden at home, you can unfortunately buy it on the black market of organized crime and terrorism ...

A prison hell for a lot of innocents

The ban on cannabis fills prisons and mixes non-violent people with real delinquents, dangerous people. Every year hordes of innocent citizens are incarcerated because they chose to use cannabis. Not only are innocents behind bars.

Legalization in France

Which in itself should be enough to make the thing intolerable. But we will add, that this is financed by the pocket of the taxpayers, generating a market of a few million euros each year, concerning the incarceration of citizen ... Inflation does not cease to increase, and consumption considered as illegal cannabis too. Thus the system itself proves its faults, the public interest proves to us that the prohibition is no longer right.

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Broken youth

The ban on cannabis can cause the destruction of a lifetime. A young man, having trafficked a small amount of marijuana, is "invited" to spend some of his youth in prison. From this surreal stupefaction, there is also a spirit of denunciation that can lead to real societal tragedies, as long as to see the possible stigmatization of a home, until the abduction of children by authorities more or less competent and all because we would have surprised the parents in the process of consuming cannabis ....

Legalization in France

An obsolete law can only disturb those who dare to feel free, send a parent to prison for a simple pleasure, botanical entertainment, even if very often of medical necessity. The repression proves us daily its failure, brimant, thus criminalizing Youth, which is sometimes destroyed in its tracks ...

Sustainable Development

A legalized and regulated cannabis industry can create almost thousands of jobs almost immediately. A good step forward for tourism centered on this natural by-product. This would generate a significant source of additional income, a new lease of life stimulating the emergence of businesses in agriculture, research, pharmacopoeia, gastronomy, entertainment and tourism.

Legalization in France

People will come from around the world, from all walks of life, some of whom are considering and making investments, which will be added to the general economy.

Economic model

A large, cost-effective tax would provide more funds for the welfare of the public. Just like schools in Colorado, which have even tripled their annual budget, thus improving education and social infrastructure.

Legalization in France

The tax revenue generated will then be even greater than in the Netherlands, where only sales are taxed, thus ensuring that the entire cycle is subject to tax. It is in the common interest to develop this culture in our country.

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Miracle plant

Cannabis is a medical wonder. According to several studies around the world, leading universities claim that cannabis helps and helps treat dozens of diseases. But also various medical symptoms, and the prevention of other pathological phenomena.

Legalization in France

The search for new solutions in the fight against cancer prompted researchers to take an interest in this plant. But only one step remains to be realized, the implicit recognition of the Ministry of Health concerning the Virtues of Cannabis.

Raw material

Hemp, despite being a wonderful plant, has been used for millennia as a raw material. Cannabis produces a lot of fibers that were quickly used for the manufacture: the most resistant ropes, quality fabric, paper ... Of easy and inexpensive culture, hemp textile, industrial or agricultural is prohibited only because of its proximity to consumable cannabis.

Legalization in France

The properties of hemp fibers are sometimes ecological alternatives. Like paper, fabrics, cosmetics, animal feed, oils, ropes, bedding, sound and heat insulation, fuels and especially biofuel, plant plastic, hemp concrete, etc .... A lifting of the ban invites us to an awareness environment, worthy of renewed national interest in the hemp sector.


Cannabis is by no means a dangerous substance - much less serious than a glass of whiskey or other products of prohibition ... In all that is implied by the study of the prestigious journal "Scientific Reports", written by members of the Chemistry Faculty of Karlsruhe. Marijuana was far from a risky product. It would be more than 114 times less deadly than alcohol or any other narcotic, including also tobacco ...

Legalization in France
Myths about cannabis debunked by Kevin Hill

Legalizing Cannabis would allow inexperienced consumers to avoid negative effects. But also we will fight against overconsumption, through prevention, which will train staff to the dosage of cannabis (no tobacco). This will encourage the use of vaporization, and other means of ingestion (leisure, gastronomy, medical). Thus, the consumer will be trained in first aid, the three types of legal dosage.

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