Legalization in California according to consumers

Legalization in California, consumer opinion on the legal cannabis market

In this very liberal state of the United States, 84% of Californian consumers are satisfied with the new legal cannabis market. And 90% consider their use of the plant to be self-medication. Despite legalization in California, 18% of consumers continue to buy on the black market, mainly due to price differences and age restrictions…

What Californians think about legalization

California approved full legalization of cannabis in a referendum held in November 2016. And a year later, California opens up the legal cannabis market across the country.

legal market, legalization, consumers, California
The 01 January 2018. Dozens of California stores are crossing the last hurdle to sell marijuana for recreational purposes. (AP Photo / Elliot Spagat)

8 months after the market opens, Eaze, provides a market research on the country's cannabis users. The survey was conducted among 1,750 consumers between 6 and 12 in July of this year (2018).

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Consumer complaints

One of the most interesting data to note is that despite legalization, 18% of consumers continue to buy their cannabis on the illegal market. For the most part (84%), due to price differences arising from taxes on the legal market - For others (17%), due to age restrictions on the sale of +21 years.

legal market, legalization, consumers, California
Anthony Nguyen sells marijuana at the California Heritage Market in Los Angeles, California.

The main problem for consumers in the legal cannabis market is therefore the relatively high price of cannabis, resulting from the 34 tax% on cannabis products.

However, a quarter of those who buy on the black market will join the legal market, if the prices fall by 5%. On the other hand, the 5% increase can move a third of buyers from the legal market to the illegal market ...

Other consumer complaints concern excessively heavy taxes (47%). As well as excessively high taxes on derivative products (32%). In addition, federal law prohibits payment by credit card - but some banks allow it, up to a 36 tax%...

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Californians promote self-medication

Another interesting fact is that 90% of consumers indicate that their cannabis use is linked to some form ofself-medication. Generally, 84% of cannabis users in California indicated that they were happy with the new legal cannabis market.

legal market, legalization, consumers, California
Christine Meeusen, lights a joint at Sisters of the Valley, near Merced (Photo: Reuters)

According to California law -People over the age of 21 are allowed to own up to 28 grams of cannabis and grow up 6 cannabis plants in their house.

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