Therapeutic cannabis will be tested in Marseille


For the first time in France!

The hospital of La Timone in Marseille is preparing to test therapeutic cannabis on thirty patients reveals to us this morning the newspaper Provence.

This experimentation follows on from report of the National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) which last December considered it "appropriate" to authorize consumption "in certain clinical situations", particularly for patients whose suffering can not be remedied.

After having tested capoeira as therapy non-drug to Parkinson's disease the center Dhune et France-Parkinson association funds a study that will be conducted jointly, at the Public Assistance of Marseille hospitals (AP-HM) by a committee of experts: The department of neurology and pathology, led by the Pr Jean-Philippe Azoulay, under the clinical coordination of Pr Alexandre Eusebio, with Christelle Baunez, Research Director at the CNRS, Deputy Director of the La Timone Neuroscience Institute and Head of Department Pr. Olivier Blin.

France does not praise cannabis, despite legalization in Canada and the United States, the regulation on scientific basis does not seem to move French politics.

Legalizing cannabis in France is not just an ideology, but a real pragmatic sense that takes into account economic and health data. Science has provided enough evidence and the prohibitionist method has become counterproductive and totally unrealistic.

Currently, in the majority of the world, the popularity of cannabis seems a fact of fact and this despite its prohibition. A French legalization in 2020 is it possible?

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