Portugal legalises production and consumption

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Legalization without recreational

Since last Friday Portugal has started to rule the rules for potential consumers and companies that decide to market the products, always with the prior permission and control of the National Authority for Medicines and Health Products (Infarmed).

In this respect, the Agency Diário da República posted on his site a special section that explains the implications of the law governing the use of medicinal cannabis, which will be sold in pharmacies for as long as it has been prescribed by a physician.

The law provides that the use of cannabis-based medicines, preparations and substances is only permitted " in cases where it is determined that conventional treatments do not produce the expected effects". This is to ensure that access to the plant is limited "to cases where conventional treatments have not produced the desired effects or caused the relevant adverse effects," adds Infarmed.

Its sale will be exclusive in pharmacy. The state will control the whole process, from the cultivation of the plant to its preparation and distribution.
The law that legalizes the medicinal consumption of the plant has been approved by the Parliament in last June, but did not have the necessary regulations for its operation, which finally occurred in mid-January and now enters into force.

5 million euros in oil production

Portugal will have a "sophisticated unit" for the production of cannabis oil in the municipality of Nelas in the central region, as well as a project involving an investment of five million euros.

The municipality of Nelas has given away land to a company to develop "a capital-intensive investment that will be very beneficial for the region," José Luis Borges da Silva, President of the Municipal Chamber, told Lusa avoided promoting the name of the company.

José Borges da Silva

The company, he added, has pharmaceutical experience in the United States, Brazil and Belgium and will benefit from the program. "Competes Created for investments in areas affected by fires.

The goal, according to Da Silva, is to use the plant for medicinal purposes with a project that will create about 20 skilled jobs.

First cannabis producing power in Europe?

Portugal has become a reference country in the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes since 2014, the date on which the first plantation was authorized.

and the production is exported to several European countries where the use of medicinal cannabis is legalized.

At least half a million Portuguese (out of a population of 10,3 million) consume cannabis regularly, and one in ten has tried it at least once, according to the latest report from the Portuguese Addiction Service. and dependencies (SICAD).

NB: The data presented here are either national estimates (prevalence of use, opioid drug users) or figures reported through the EMCDDA indicators (clients under treatment, syringes, deaths, HIV diagnosis and drug seizures).

Promoters expect cannabis derivatives to be prescribed to cancer patients, people with neuromuscular disorders or severe forms of epilepsy. However, none of this can be done until Infarmed publishes the list of therapeutic indications "deemed appropriate for the prescription of preparations and herbal substances. Source: EFE

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