Cannabis against headaches

Cannabis use significantly reduces the frequency of migraines

Cannabis use significantly decreases the frequency of migraines. This is what a study published in the journal Pharmacotherapy claims. The study, which is the first clinical trial to demonstrate the effects of cannabis use on migraine. It was e-published by the National Institute of Health.

migraines, headaches

Cannabis against headaches

No clinical trial is currently available. Finally, none demonstrating the effects of marijuana on patients with migraine or headaches. However, the potential effects of cannabinoids on serotonin in the central nervous system indicate that marijuana may be a therapeutic alternative. In addition,the objective of this study was therefore to describe the effects of medical marijuana on the monthly frequency of migraine.

migraines, headaches

The researchers examined 121 people with adult migraine. So they found that the frequency of headaches dropped from 10,4 to 4,6 headaches per month. This along with the use of medical marijuana. Additionally, most patients used more than one form of marijuana daily to prevent migraine.

"Positive effects were reported in 48 patients (39,7%), with the most common effects reported to be migraine prevention with a decrease in migraine frequency (24 patients [19,8%]) and aborted migraine (14 patients [11,6%]). Inhaled forms of marijuana have been commonly used for the treatment of acute migraine. They have been found to be effective in stopping migraines. " 

The researchers conclude that: “The frequency of migraine has decreased with the use of medical marijuana. "

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