Cannabis against drug addiction


 Overcoming cannabis addiction, study shows cannabis can help addicts dramatically

Decisive research shows conclusively that cannabis is in fact the opposite of a passing drug. Studies have shown that drug users, especially those who are dependent on opiates and alcohol, could benefit from the use of cannabis. This study is presented as a method to abstain from dangerous substances.

drug addicts, drug addiction

A complete study

A new study carried out atUniversity of British Columbia(UBC), suggests that drug addicts can use cannabis as a medicine to reduce the use of potentially harmful substances like pain drugs, opioids. Looking at the data on medical cannabis, it appears that patients and others who advocate cannabis as a tool for harm reduction and mental health have some valid points.

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Dr. Zach Walsh

Knowing how to consider cannabis in a treatment of addiction is a crucial and necessary issue. The Dr. Zach Walsh, associate professor of theUniversity of British Columbia and lead investigator in the study, reviewed all studies on medical cannabis. As well as its effects on mental health… They also looked at comments on the non-medical use of cannabis. This study is the most comprehensive to date.

“It appears that patients and others who have advocated for cannabis as a tool in mental health harm reduction have a few valid points,” he says.

Alcohol targeted by the study

Marijuana could also help alcoholics, and therefore with certain symptoms of depression. Post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety are specifically taken into consideration. On the other hand the Dr. Zach Walsh concluded that cannabis may not help bipolar disorder or psychosis.

Manic phase / Depressive phase… Symptoms of bi-polarity

Marijuana against drug addiction

The study is a comprehensive review of medical cannabis research. Research tops plans to legalize marijuana in Canada. Walsh says there isn't much guidance for mental health professionals regarding marijuana.

"With the end of the ban, telling people to just stop using (marijuana) may no longer be such a realistic option" - "Knowing how to consider cannabis in the treatment equation will become an issue. need. "

The study also found that cannabis use did not appear to increase the risk of harm. Whether towards others or oneself. At present, there are still not enough clear enough guidelines on how healthcare professionals can work best. The context is that it is currently difficult to do work with people who use cannabis ...

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Cannabis, the end of pharmaceutical drugs

To conclude, the team found evidence that cannabis could be useful in the treatment of psychological disorders. Such as social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. More directly, cannabis can fight drug addiction!

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