Cannabis improves sex, confirms new study

Association between cannabis use and sexual frequency in the United States

A recent study by Saint Louis University of Missouri showed that using cannabis before intercourse actually has a number of positive impacts on the sexual experience, especially for women.

For many, smoking weed and having sex are two inseparable activities. After reading the tangible evidence of the positive correlation between the two, it is not too difficult to understand why. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, cannabis-influenced sex leads to an improved sexual experience, arousal of sexual desire and even more enjoyable orgasms.

New study reports personal testimonials from more than 400 respondents to sexual intimacy and cannabis use found that women who had previously had sex were more likely to have an orgasm than those who didn't have one.

The document that was recently published in the Sexual Medicine review also stated that "Among those who reported using marijuana before sex, 68,5% said the overall sexual experience was more pleasant, 60,6% noted an increase in libido and 52,8% reported an increase in satisfying orgasms " .

Additionally, the study found that cannabis use can help increase libido and is commonly used to reduce the sensitivity of women who suffer from chronic pain disorders during sex. The use of cannabis has also been cited as a common assistant for obtaining greater sexual stimulation for women who had trouble or were unable to reach full orgasm.

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