Australia authorizes the cultivation of medical marijuana

Australia authorizes the cultivation of medical marijuana

Australia authorizes the cultivation of medical marijuana

Australia allows the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, under license, following strict government guidelines, in order to stop imports into Australian soil.


The beginnings of the Narcotics Act, Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016, creates the October 30 2016, mark a milestone for medical marijuana in Australia. The new regulation grants licenses to cultivate cannabis, its production on a large scale but also the resins necessary for medicinal and scientific purposes.

"This is a historic day for Australia and for many of the legalization advocates who have long fought to advance ideas around medical cannabis and so that patients are no longer treated like criminals," said Sussan Ley , Health Minister.

Until now Australia has imported its cannabis from overseas, the government would meet Australia's international obligations to ensure the production, processing and distribution of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes only.

“Until now, it has been difficult for patients to access medicinal cannabis products from overseas sources,” Sussan Ley in a statement released on Sunday.

However, while pharmaceuticals will have the benefit of the new law, joint smokers are disappointed that the use of marijuana remains a criminal activity.

Sussan Ley, Minister of Health

"I want to point out that the amendments to the Narcotic Control Act do not decriminalize cannabis for recreational purposes," said Ley.

By law, companies ready to grow their marijuana must comply with state and territory laws, drugs that would allow companies to classify their crop in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. To hold a license for the production of cannabis, the company will need to pass “good repute” tests, and other tests relating to safety ...

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