The French National Assembly authorizes therapeutic cannabis

A therapeutic cannabis experiment for two years

Cannabis to relieve the sick is for soon in France. The National Assembly authorizes experimentation for therapeutic purposes. 3000 people suffering from serious illnesses will be able to benefit from this trial for two years in hospital, from 2020.

Cannabis derivatives can be an additional contribution to fight against epilepsy, neuropathic pain, the side effects of chemotherapy, for palliative care or multiple sclerosis.

The use of drugs in France is prohibited and punishable by law.

France does not allow the production of cannabis, will have to find a supply chain.

On the question, France was late. Cannabis for medical use is already authorized in some 30 countries. with Canada, the Netherlands and Israel as precursors.

21 28 countries in the European Union allow it to different levels.

source: Euronews

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