World's Largest Dispensary Opens in Las Vegas

world's largest dispensary opens in las vegas

Planet 13, the world's largest cannabis dispensary opens in Las Vegas, Nevada

The largest cannabis clinic in the world has opened in Las Vegas, Nevada. But Planet 13 , is not a dispensary, nor an ordinary store. Indeed, it is also a large surface and a leisure complex, where customers have fun with interactive concepts.

supermarket, planet 13, Las Vegas, leisure complex, large dispensary

Planet 13, a clinic and entertainment complex

Open the November 1er, Planet 13 is the largest cannabis dispensary in the world, with its 10684 m2. This 24-hour dispensary has 24 m214 of space, dedicated to the sale of medical and recreational products. Nuwu Cannbis Marketplace Claimed to be the largest cannabis distributor in the world (1486 m2) when it opened in Las Vegas in 2017… Planet 13 now represents the record in terms of surface area and innovation.

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supermarket, planet 13, Las Vegas, leisure complex, large dispensary
The complex will sell Planet 13 medical and recreational products, and other cannabis products.

In addition to selling cannabis in all its forms,  Planet 13 offers interactive and visual experiences to visitors. At the entrance, 4,5m LED lotus flowers can be controlled by visitors, like interactive works of art. Guests can also laser graffiti by drawing with "spray cans" that project laser beams on a wall ...

supermarket, planet 13, Las Vegas, leisure complex, large dispensary
Synchronized 3D projections on the walls of the entrance hall and the aisles lit by sensory-activated LED lights, play with the visitors. The trails of colored lights follow the guests as they walk.

Planet 13 is getting closer in its interactive and fun works, to the new museum Cannabition, opened in September, downtown Las Vegas.

Big box concept

Currently, 3716 m2 are used. In the near future, Planet 13 is set up coffee spaces, and a tasting room for beer and wine infused with cannabis. According to Bob Groesbeck, co-CEO of Planet 13, a restaurant specializing in cannabis could also see the light of day.

supermarket, planet 13, Las Vegas, leisure complex, large dispensary
Inside the Planet 13 store.

The concept of big surface is a major element of Planet 13. Indeed, the company aims to diversify its economic model and its sources of income. And, according to Mr. Groesbeck, more than 2,000 people visit the store every day.

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supermarket, planet 13, Las Vegas, leisure complex, large dispensary
Already competent in the field of culture and pharmacy, the company turns to merchandising and online ordering, with the concept of big surface.

Recreational cannabis use is legal for adults ages 21 and older in Las Vegas. In addition, Nevada perceived more than 69,8 million in tax revenue in the first year after legalization.

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