Alaska legalizes social consumption in specialty stores

Cannabis clubs for social use appear in Alaska

By joining the Denver tasting clubs and San Francisco smokehouses, Alaska will become the first state to offer a specific license to dispensaries for deliberate social consumption.

Beginning April 11, licensed dispensary owners will be able to apply for a "special on-site use endorsement" allowing them to create designated smoking areas where customers will be permitted to smoke cannabis. The area will be separate from the retail space, which means that there will likely be patios or outdoor lounges where smoking can be allowed outside, the two areas will need to be separated by a partition

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Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer

Alaska may be America's last frontier, but when it comes to cannabis regulation, the 49th state is breaking new ground. Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer on Wednesday approved a plan to legalize the social use of cannabis in licensed dispensaries statewide: the first such regulation in the growing legal cannabis landscape in the United States.

According to the newspaper Juneau Empire, the new social use regulations will allow dispensaries to apply for an additional permit to turn an adjacent space into a cannabis lounge, where locals and tourists can light their joints after purchase.

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New social consumption rules go into effect in Alaska on April 11, but don't book your 420 trip to the frozen tundra just yet, as industry experts predict a significant clearance period that could delay the process at the earliest. this summer.

“When these rules take effect, Alaska will be the first state to finalize and approve statewide rules for on-site consumption. We expect other countries to follow suit in the not too distant future, ”said Erik Altieri, Executive Director of NORML, in a press release. “Allowing social consumption is commercially reasonable, especially for states with large numbers of tourists who otherwise have no place to consume legally, but it also has a strong justice component. social.

In the 48 Least Developed States, only a few States have approved any regulation on social consumption. Voters Denver have adopted Initiative 300 in 2016 to allow the opening of vape rooms, coffee lounge and arcade room with edible products derived from cannabis. Smokers Colorado still can not smoke privately. In California, local municipalities also have control of cannabis salons, smoking areas of health clinics San Francisco being Golden State's only social consumption hotspot, while West Hollywood is currently striving to build a similar reputation in Social.

social use, cannabis clubs, alaska

Some dispensaries in California allow customers to consume their purchases on-site in accordance with local policy in San Francisco, which at the time permitted medical use, and this is permitted almost everywhere. In Denver, companies can apply for a permit and promote spraying.

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For Alaska: the "on-site consumption" permit will be the responsibility of the state control commission, each store will have to provide a security plan, ventilation standards, a door or a secure outdoor patio separating the commercial space of the consumer lounge.

“As well as being a test model for the rest of the United States, we will also try to do it for ourselves,” said Cary Carrigan, executive director of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association recently. “There are a lot of things that depend on that. "

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