The weed does not make you any more effect?

The weed does not make you any more effect - Probably you develop stronger resistance to the weed. So how to update your High?
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The weed does not affect you - Probably you develop stronger resistance to the weed. So how to update your High?

Who does not long for his first experiences of "fumette"? At that time we had a lot of fun in this unknown and even scary thing that is cannabis, but that in general was rather fun. Over the years, your body has become used to the influence of cannabis, the level of THC in the blood does not do the same job as at the time. On the one hand, this fatality can reason as an advantage, in order to function properly with our new circles of friends, without having the feeling of "I do not know what is happening" ... But on the other hand, the time is decreasing your "High" effect and requires you to consume more cannabis.

Reduce your level of metabolic tolerance

In a way, you can compare cannabis use with your relationship to your partner - at first glance initial enthusiasm - the slightest touch and minimal light stimulation until the "awakening" of the whole body. But with time, we are used to it; you do not get upset with each phone call, you go to the restaurant less often if necessary, until you get to what happens in your bed ...


Well, the first step you can do is probably the most recommended one, even if it's difficult for the majority of us:
To make a break !! We really appreciate the good things once we have lost them ^^ During this interval it is advisable to drink large amounts of water, green tea, Cranberry juice or any other liquid rich in antioxidant that will help you cleanse your body.


If you are ready to fully invest, we recommend a fitness regime - which would not require registration in the local gym. A nice walk once or twice a week should be enough to rebalance your metabolism.


Try different modes of consumption

In life it is always good to diversify. If you go to the same restaurant every time, no matter how much you enjoy the food or service, you will feel weary, due to the rigorous attitude you take over time - the same goes for the cannabis.


There are innumerable ways to use marijuana, all kinds of pipes, tubes, wood, glass, special bongs and all kinds of tools for smokers.


But you do not have to smoke it

Cannabis is well known for incorporating into a wide variety of foods and beverages. The consumption of the plant as an active ingredient, integrates differently into the bloodstream through the stomach. The grass takes more influence once ingested, and thus you run a chance to find a few confused hours on the couch (depending on the quantity and quality of the material)


Weed, the substitute material

Any cannabis strain because of its composition in Cannabinoides is different and unique. Sometimes when we consume over time, our body gets used to it and the threshold of stimulation increases. In this situation it is recommended to test something else, another species even if considered as "weaker". A different composition of the active substances cause the system and the body to adapt to them.

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The choice between a large number of species is not within the reach of everyone, it is considered the privilege of a few elected. But in truth, it would be enough if each one cultivates one or more species, necessarily the type which suits you; and exchange, share your material with your friends.


These beautiful things in life take shape if we do it frequently, and without any reservation or diagnosis - which would surely be an error.

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