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The alternative to herbicides with hemp mulch

CBD Oil - 2,75% - 10ml

Hemp mulch made in France, the alternative to herbicides

France is a producer of Hemp and the Burgundy region Franche-Comté is one of the leading regions. At the edge of the Burgundy canal, Geochanvre has set up, an industrial start-up that transforms hemp into a mulch for agriculture. A product 100% natural, bio-protective and French, which could be the alternative to herbicides.

French hemp

Hemp is a very resistant crop that is not very sensitive to diseases and does not need any phytosanitary treatment. With a fast life cycle (around 5 months), hemp has hiding power. Which makes her a cleansing and structuring plant. Thus, it stifles the "weeds" and leaves the harvest a clean plot. In addition, its use and its culture in France is an excellent solution for productions in organic and reasoned agriculture.

En statistics :

  • 12 500 ha of hemp in 2015 in France including 2000 ha transformed by Eurochanvre (5000 ha by Chanvrière de l'Aube)
  • 24 000 ha of hemp in Europe
  • 26 000 t of hemp fibers produced in 2010 in France including 55% for the stationery outlet, 26% for insulation, 15% for biocomposites
  • 44 000 t of chènevotte (inside of the stem) in 2010: 62% for the litter for animals, 15% for the construction (concrete), 22% others of which mulching of the beds
  • Rich in omega 3 and 6, hempseed is the black seed of hemp from which oil is extracted and which is also used in bird farming


No less than 1800 hectares are devoted to this crop on 7000 territory, a quarter of the national production mainly concentrated in Haute Saone and Yonne. At the edge of the Burgundy canal, an innovative industrial start-up transforms hemp into mulch. A solution for professionals in agriculture as well as for individuals. In order not to have to weed or resort to herbicides.

Chanvirères de Bourgogne are famous, and this is where the company started to transform hemp. Géochanvre was born from the will of its leader, Frédéric Roure, agronomist, ecologist engineer. Its mission is to provide an ecological, ethical and economic alternative to water and soil conservation products. This is to fight against the superficial erosion, the loss of agrarian soil, to protect the banks, the embankments, to mulch, and also to limit invasive species. This is how their Herbi'Chanvre product was born.

Hemp mulch cloth

To protect crops, we commonly use plastics, and they are widely used ... But the plastic comes from oil and has innumerable inconveniences. Indeed, it is not only expensive, polluting and additional treatment costs are not taken into account ...

The most common mulch, black plastic ...

Namely, that the so-called "biodegradable" products, are often based on starch (presence of polylactic acid). This shows in the short term, a carbon footprint is quite unfavorable ... It will also find mixtures of imported fibers treated with palm oil or hydrocarbons (oil such as plastic ...). So, it goes without saying that hemp in the form of mulching is an option of choice for those who wish to take care of plants.

Hemp fiber wins the palm at number 1. in the treatment of soil, insulation of houses and thus also as mulch for protecting crops. Not only for its durability, but also for its bio-protective potential. Sold in the form of rolls or slabs, the Herbi'Chanvre mulch is 100% natural hemp from Burgundy. It prevents the growth of unwanted grasses and reduces the need for watering.

Its use facilitates the maintenance of a garden, a kitchen garden, landscaping. This mulching is natural, without glue and without plastic derivative. And above all, it is 100% Made in France.

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