India's first medical cannabis clinic opens

The clinic will open in the city of Bangalore in February 2020

Is it the best year of cannabis or what! India has just received its first medical cannabis clinic! It was high time. After all, India is one of the biggest consumers of cannabis in the world. Bangalore has exceeded public expectations: 420% more likely to live there now. The first research-based medical cannabis clinic in India is expected to launch in February 2020. The startup based in Odisha, HempCann Solutions, calls it Vedi Herbals.

About the first medical cannabis clinic in India

Bangalore will be home soon the first research-based cannabis plant in India . After five years of extensive research in the field, HempCann Solutions sold tablets and oils made from cannabis. The brand Vedi Herbals will have a wellness center and a clinic. They will prescribe cannabis infused tablets to improve health and well-being.

What are its uses?

They aim to combat anxiety, inflammation and sex-related problems. HempCann told journalists that lifestyle-related diseases like the stress, back pain and fever can be combated by their methods. They also said that even chronic diseases like anorexia can be helped. In addition, medical cannabis can help fight contre mental illness like depression.

HempCann's Aayushman Narayan was quoted as saying: “THC takes care of inflammation and pain, while CBD works to boost your body's immunity, thereby completely curing the disease instead of the patient being dependent on a class of drugs to function normally. Herbal remedies, supported by traditional and ancient texts and validated by the principles of modern scientific development of products, are not addictive and have no side effects ”. The absence of side effects during a slow and regular treatment seems to us rather good.

The process

The federal agency for health and social services, the United States Food and Drug Administration, has approved HempCann. They have a pan-India license. Any Ayurvedic doctor (which would draw its sources from the Veda, a set of sacred texts from ancient India) can provide a prescription for these drugs. The prescription can even be given via an online consultation. HempCann said it started patients with the lowest dose. They follow the way they react and progress based on the comments.

What else

Cannabis-based therapies are invading the world. We finally realized that allopathy (classical medicine) is much better. Nature always has a better way. Cannabis is part of the ancient Indian culture. The global media company Vice reported that theAyurveda is known to have mentioned it repeatedly in texts and scriptures . Europe, Canada, Latin America and many other regions of the world are preparing for a new medicinal use of cannabis through legalization.

Herbs in India remain illegal under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) . Hemp plants, leaves and cannabis seeds are exempt under this Act. Sourab Agarwal told reporters: "India is the cradle of cannabis and now is a good time for healthcare professionals to realize its immense therapeutic value."

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