Malta's youngest MP is in charge of legalization reform

Malta's youngest member of parliament responsible for reforming equality, cannabis, prostitution and good governance

Rosianne Cutajar, the youngest member of Parliament, has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Equality, Cannabis Reforms and Good Governance. Cannabis Consumers Now Wondering If The Maltese Government Really Wants To Bring Maltese Laws To The Modern Era And Educate Malta About This Plant Which Is now legal and supplied in pharmacies across the island.

New Prime Minister Robert Abela separated the Department of Equality from European Affairs and merged it with the Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms, a cabinet that former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat set up after the 2017 elections for focus on reforms related to prostitution, parliamentary gender quotas and the legalization of cannabis for personal use, as well as on the identity of Malta.

The wallet was originally awarded to Julia Farrugia Portelli and, although she launched position campaigns on prostitution and equal gender representation in parliament, cannabis reform has progressed at a slow pace. This is illustrated by its highly anticipated educational cannabis campaign for 9000 students, which turned out to be a social and personal development booklet that only mentioned cannabis once. In other words, a total fiasco.

It's a pretty decent booklet: except that it contains almost nothing about cannabis and absolutely no new information about the plant.

In the photo above: a tweet from the parliamentary secretary responsible for reforming cannabis laws regarding the cannabis campaign, using cannabis as a backdrop but only mentioning cannabis once in total.

Farrugia Portelli should now be transferred to the Ministry of Tourism.

Last November, Rosianne Cutajar defended a Maltese woman after a court sentenced her to six months in prison for cultivating 6,5 g of cannabis.

Jien ukoll ma naqbilx li din il-persuna kellna nibatuha l-habs ghal sitt xhur u ncapsulha l-kondotta minhabba 6.5g ta '…

Published by Rosianne Cutajar at Friday November 15 2019

"I also don't agree that someone should be sent to prison for six months and ruin their behavior because of 6,5g of cannabis," she said. "If we still really believe that cannabis can be harmful (even if studies contest it), then the sentence should focus on aid and rehabilitation, not prison."

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici then proposed an update to the law for debate in Parliament.

Abela also entrusted Cutajar with responsibility for good governance, a major sign of confidence from the former mayor of Qormi, who will become the youngest woman in the Cabinet since former President Agatha Barbara.