Phytotherapy to cure cancer

Phytotherapy to cure cancer

Herbal medicine, the cure for cannabis-based cancer

We have all heard of the "great epidemic of cancer" unfolding today, where it is estimated that "one in two men" and "one in three women" will have cancer in their lifetime. A traditional practice with an explicit therapeutic aim, sometimes very old based on the use of plants can intervene in the fight against cancer: Phytotherapy


Principle of herbal medicine

Phytotherapy refers to medicine based on plant extracts and natural active ingredients. Our time is deeply marked by the search for a healthier life, a return to nature. By its gentle and in-depth action, phytotherapy appears to be the ideal response to the “diseases of the century” which characterize our societies.

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Already existing in Antiquity, herbal medicine offers basic (concentrate-based) treatments whose milder action will help you prevent diseases and treat chronic problems. This is the case with traditional associations in cooking, preservation techniques, or the consumption of products such as teas or infusions. Even if the interactions between usually combined products are the subject of research, only the case of products consumed separately are currently linked to herbal medicine.


and marijuana contains active ingredients which can be extremely potent in its rawest concentrated form ...

Canabinoid acids

We all have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), this system regulates our health and well-being. When a human reaches mid-life, the immune system assumes the characteristics of an autoimmune disease for which “Conditionally Essential” Cannabinoid Acids (CECAs) provide a unique prophylactic and therapeutic treatment.

The human endocannabinoid system

The effect of cannabinoids on diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders and ischemic conditions is recognized as essential throughout the lifespan. Cannabis is a functional food that can be used in its natural state every day, it provides nutritional benefits in its raw state.

The main cannabinoids used in medicine

Smoking helps to reduce the symptoms of many ailments, but in general cannabis is best used at the healing level through oral consumption.

The “juicing” of raw cannabis

The benefits of juicing cannabis are demonstrated in the documentary “The Power of Raw Cannabis”. The work of Doctor William Courtney highlights Kristen Peskuski, a patient suffering from an autoimmune disease, cured by the extraction of cannabis in its form of juice.

Dr. William Courtney is an American doctor, his favorite field of research is the daily consumption of cannabis, and phytocannabinoids in acid form. According to Dr. William Courtney, "you miss out on 99% of the benefits that cannabis has when cooking or smoking it." In its raw form, the cannabis plant contains the acid form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THCA) and the acid form of cannabidiol (CBDA)


This method allows a person to consume much more amounts of the medicinal ingredients in the form of juice. One of the advantages of raw cannabis juice is that if you can manage to avoid heating your cannabis in addition, it is therefore not psychoactive. This proves that cannabis is, at heart, a vegetable, and in its best form a preventive medicine.

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Cannabinoids do their job in the body in about 15 minutes, to supplement your endocannabinoid system. It would be ideal for all kinds of illnesses to schedule this treatment for the whole day. It is a remedy for people who want to get rid of their tumors as quickly as possible.

Anti-cancer treatment recipe

The suggested treatment for someone with cancer is 170gr or more, but this recipe is for 85g. Of course, the plants used for these preparations must be of good quality, in accordance with the standards of the Pharmacopoeia. Extraction can in fact eliminate only part of the contaminants or, on the contrary, concentrate them ...


  • Grind / crush 85g of dried cannabis buds and superior quality
  • Put the cannabis in 20 liters of cold water and stir for 15 minutes
  • Pour through a colander - do not throw anything away!
  • Let stand 15-30 min. The crystal / trichomes / hash / kief will fall and settle in the bottom
  • Pour / Siphon the contents into another container, leaving the “kief” mixture behind. Pour in most of the water (about 1/2 inch from the bottom) and set aside the “kief”
  • Boil this water at half temperature
  • Keep an eye on the water as it reduces… Scrape, stir the oils that form on the sides
  • Repeat the process with 20 liters of cold water for a second “wash”
  • Keep boiling down until you get a black, sticky substance. And slowly reduce the temperature so that the water evaporates - don't burn it!
  • Take the second batch of water and boil it too. (Using a separate pan)
  • Put the cannabis in another container with water and boil it too, several times
  • Add water to the final reduction vat when it becomes thick like a milky tea
  • Now !! Add the “kief” mixture you set aside, slowly lowering the temperature. As the water evaporates, be careful one last time not to burn the resin !!. The end result is something that looks like a very sticky black hash.
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To be dosed sparingly


This cannabis resin is water soluble and can be added to liquid to treat burns and heal wounds. Like for example being added to tea. The normal starting dose should be barely less than a large one of rice, and 3 to 5 times a day ... Slowly increase your dose, incrementing 1/2 a day, until you take about a gram per day. day.

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If you start to experience an uncomfortable “High” then re-dial the minimum dose. So, the goal is to take in as much of what your body can tolerate. Obviously overdose does not exist in the cannabis world. But in herbal medicine you have to start slowly and slowly. This in order to build your own path, the one in line with your body.

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