Cannabis legalization will reduce 25% crime

Cannabis legalization will reduce 25% crime

Cannabis Legalization Will Reduce Crime By 25% - Resources, Budgets & Intelligence Can Be Deployed

In the United States, can you imagine what the state could do with almost $ 40 billion each year to fight real crime. Imagine what you could do with $ 13 billion a year? That $ 13 billion figure represents the exact cost of enforcing the drug law and does not include continued incarceration or anything like that ...


Waste of time

In the United States, a lot of time is spent on quitting pot smokers, rather than focusing on crimes that actually involve a victim. According to a report, arrests for possession of narcotics continue to constitute an important part of the work of the “modern” police officer.

“Police around the country make more arrests for drug possession than for any other crime,” the report said, citing FBI data. “More than one in nine arrests by state law enforcement are for drug possession, or more than 1,25 million arrests each year.”

Main job of the “modern” policeman: the “marijuana-arrest”…

In fact, police make more arrests for possession of marijuana alone than for all violent crimes combined… Imagine what would happen if the police did not have to make those 1,25 million arrests each year and could instead, focus their attention on crimes such as theft, violent crimes and so on. Would society be safer? Would there be less crime? In all likelihood, yes… there would be less crime.

Why stop non-criminals is a bad idea?

Consuming cannabis shouldn't be a crime. First of all, the personal consumption of any substance should not be a crime, unless of course you are state owned…. So putting anything in your mouth should never justify a crime.

A “criminal” of choice ?!

However, when it comes to drug use as a whole, there is no real crime behind it. People are experimenting with their state of consciousness, and unless changing your perception is also a crime… Unfortunately this is the case at the level of the laws, when it would be logical to really stop arresting people for this action. .

400 000 DNA evidence in rape cases awaiting testing in the US

People waste a lot of time and money trying to keep people from “getting up” and would rather harass a joint smoker than track down a sexual predator or violent maniac. When you waste police resources in this way, you limit their ability to actually prevent real crime. There are thousands of Kits Post-rape not tested in police laboratories at the moment because drug and cannabis screening tests are currently a state priority ... In contrast to a rapeseed test (dangerous oil when unbalanced in polyunsaturated fats, as is often the case …).


Because when you have cannabis in your possession, the lab test will result in an actual (often cash) conviction while the Kits Post-rape  are still not able to provide a suspect ... The "police work" will have to be done, to find the culprit, which would take time and therefore money ...

“We serve and protect”

What is of course easier when the convict or future convict in police custody, is a non-violent joint smoker. However, these police officers should be reminded that they are there to “To serve and protect us” against the real “bad guys”, as opposed to the arrest of a non-criminal, such as the case of a patient, of a marijuana smoker.

Incitement to bully joint smokers

Not only do cops have quotas to fill, but they also receive federal (or state) grants based on the number of arrests  (and not the quality of it), and given that marijuana is judged as a crime ...

fbi-Report_-one-person-Arrested-every_-https ___ www-merryjane-com_news_one-copy
According to an FBI report, a person is arrested for marijuana every 49 seconds

This is a system that makes public services get money, but also breaks non-violent people, prisons are full of these non-violent “offenders”. Meanwhile, real criminals have the free choice to conduct their criminal activities with less worry due to the fact that cops prefer “minor criminals” to justify their actions and their pay ...


If we removed the incitement of the police to the “drug” user (by declassifying weed from the list of narcotics), we would see more effort in the fight against real crime. In turn, we would have safer streets, more respect for the application of the law and less incivility towards fellow citizens.

It's time we set our priorities

It seems that today the “Drug at war” is being liquidated. People are getting sick from a policy that has failed for over forty years. We have injected billions into this failed attempt to shape consumer habits, resulting in more drugs (dangerous ones) than ever. What is more shocking is that it is easier for children to get hold of illegal drugs than it is for them to get legal (and equally dangerous) drugs like alcohol. and tobacco.


Drug dealers only get tough if you have the money, if you are a customer. Legal establishments are forced to play their cards on the table, making it difficult for the simple use of cannabis to get their hands on the “drug” of promotion and choice.

Weed is a “medicine” of choice. “Smell it & Enjoy”

It is time that we recognize that murder, rape, theft, assault, theft of property, extortion, fraud and all these crimes undoubtedly replace any pseudo crime related to personal consumption, of marijuana ... United States, some people spend more time in jail selling weed, than being out murdering someone… which is absurd and needs to change.

A young woman refused to get out of the way of American police in Baton Rouge. His gesture, immortalized in a photo, goes around the world.

It will be up to each of us to help pass an ethical law, that is, whenever you have the opportunity to vote on cannabis, or to protest for the end of the war against them. drugs… You should do it! It is no longer possible in a "society of tolerance" to tolerate "ancient" laws.

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