Thanksgiving turkey infused with THC

Thanksgiving turkey infused with THC
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Thanksgiving turkey infused with THC

Thanksgiving will run the 24, and across the United States, many are eager to spend time with their families, enjoying the turkey and the delicious side dishes that go with it ... In celebration of all the new states that have legalized this year marijuana, why not try to inject a turkey marinade into your turkey? Light up your guests:


Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, which is the equivalent of Thanksgiving Day in Canada, which takes place in October. Historically, Thanksgiving was a feast day in European peasant societies during which we thanked God with prayers and rejoicing for the happiness we had received during the year.

This celebration is now secular in North America, with governments and most businesses being closed that day. The Thanksgiving meal is traditionally composed of a turkey, animal just discovered by the first Europeans in the New World ... Discover the video of The Weed Scene and find out how this turkey was made:

For a THC marinade : 250g salted butter / 6g from Kief / a turkey & a syringe ...

The kief


Grinding your grass with a grinder is a great way to break it down so you can eat it. Over time, they can accumulate and this causes the formation of a deposit of kief while you always grind more grass. The kief is the raw form of hash, usually a passage to the press is necessary to compact it and make it more pleasant to use. The complete recipe is available here

Manufacture of Kief butter


First of all you have to make your marinade in butter. It's easy to do, but for the best results, it takes a little time. Ideally, you should brew the butter for 24 hours.

Otherwise, you can simple, melting your butter over low heat and adding your kief. Let it simmer gently for an hour, taking care never to let it boil. If you boil too much, you will burn THC and CBD, and you will end up with a dubious and unhealthy butter ... Once you're done, put it aside and let it cool.

Inject the infused butter


Now you have made your butter, take the syringe and fill it with your kief infused butter and start injecting it under the skin of your turkey in different places. Be sure to stitch your thighs, wings, and a number of points through your chest. If you do not fry your turkey, keep some butter for later watering. The remaining butter can be stored in the refrigerator and can be used for cooking.

Cooking your turkey

Heat your fryer to 350F, then submerge the turkey for one hour. Remove the turkey and let stand for twenty minutes. You will now have a delicious Turkey infused with THC, with a delicious and crispy skin.


Bon appétit & "Happy Thanksgiving everyone! "

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