The longest joint in the world

In Boston, a group of enthusiasts rolled a joint over 30 meters with 1 kilo of grass.

As part of theHarvest Cup exhibition which is held every year in the city, a group of cannabis supporters has rolled what is probably the longest joint in the world.

Beantown Greentown
December 16, 2017, a seal over 30 meters long. It was rode by Beantown Greentown, a Boston-based cannabis club

The members of society Beantown Greentown, manufacturer of clothing supporting legalization, rolled this joint with no less than 1 kilo of marijuana. They learned that there was no world record in this area. Indeed, the Guinness Book of Records does not validate any record related to drugs. He considers the herb to be a narcotic product.

The construction process lasted a month and a half with the participation of 40 people. The joint eventually grew to over 30 meters in length and nearly 3 kilometers of rolling paper was used.

record, longest, joint over 30 meters, 1 kilo of grass, jointThe small downside in this adventure is that there is no one with lungs strong enough to shoot the smoke 30 meters long.

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Last year, the state of Massachusetts approved a new legislation on the legalization of cannabis through a referendum. Thus, cannabis stores will soon be able to open from July 2018 throughout the state.

Massachusetts residents can have up to 280 grams in their homes, and up to 28 grams in public. They can also grow up to 6 cannabis plants per person over the age of 21.

. The advocacy group decided to unveil the seal at an exhibition of pro marijuana vendors. photo by Chris Christo
(12/16/17-Worcester, MA) Beantown Greentown unveils their 100 'joint at DCU in Worcester
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