The effects of a grass seal on your body

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What does a grass seal do on your body

Cannabis is a complex plant. It contains nearly 500 natural compounds. And a hundred are cannabinoids. This is a special class of chemicals that interact with your body's endocannabinoid system. These interactions are responsible for most of the effects you feel when you smoke a grass seal. Because cannabis has so many different chemicals, it produces a wide range of effects. Here is a summary of what the grass does on your body when you smoke it!

What are the effects of cannabis on health

Cotton mouth when smoking a grass seal

The cotton mouth is one of the most striking effects when weed smoke. And thanks to the work of researchers from the University of Buenos Aires, we now know why.

The main reason that gives you cotton mouth is because THC affects your submaxillary glands. These are located on the floor of your mouth, and they are responsible for producing most of your saliva. And as it turns out, these glands also have cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. When the THC hits these receptors, it binds to them. And when that happens, it temporarily stops the lines of communication between the glands and your nervous system.

Here the maxillary glands ...

The end result of all this interaction is that your body slows down its production of saliva. Where's your cotton mouth ... The interesting thing about this is that it is the THC that explains this fact, and not the idea that it would be the smoke of your grass seal that dries your mouth. Dry mouth is especially chemical.

Low blood pressure

Cannabis is what doctors and scientists call a "vasodilator". It basically means that it opens your blood vessels. And when that happens, your blood begins to flow into your veins faster. This, in turn, lowers your blood pressure.

Think of it like this: If you turn on a garden hose and then pinch it closed, the flow of water coming out of the other end decreases. This is exactly what happens in your veins. When the blood vessels contract, it is harder for the blood to flow. And this causes your blood pressure to rise. But when the blood vessels widen and open, the opposite happens. The blood flows more freely and the blood pressure decreases.

It is tempting to suppose that it is the smoke that makes the eyes red, and no it is a received idea ...

Although you might not feel all this happening in your body, there is a telltale sign that this is happening: bloodshot eyes. It's not the smoke that makes your eyes red. It is the improved blood flow. When the blood vessels in your eyes open up, the increased blood flow gives your eyes that pretty red color ... Interestingly, this is also why cannabis can be a good treatment for people with glaucoma. Decreased blood pressure relieves accumulated pressure glaucoma problems. Studies show that THC can reduce intraocular pressure to 25%.

After the grass seal, the big dodo

Sleep is a surprisingly mysterious function. We can not function without it ... And yet we are still not entirely sure of what is happening in our bodies when we are asleep.But one thing we know is that your body is moving through different stages of sleep.

One of the most important steps is the deep sleep phase. Researchers can say it, a number of things happen during this stage. During deep sleep, our body releases growth hormones and accelerates the production of certain proteins. Deep sleep can also help people maintain emotional health and social functionality. In addition to all this, researchers believe that deep sleep also helps to encode memory. As a result, he could play a vital role in the learning process. Excluding cannabis helps to improve deep sleep. according to the research, marijuana helps you fall asleep and also increases the time you spend in this deep sleep.

Cannabis killer dream?

But cannabis does not necessarily increase every stage of sleep. Although it helps people fall asleep easier and increases the duration of our stay in a deep sleep, it can decrease the REM stage. The REM phase is when we have dreams ...

The dancing heart ... fast

In addition to lowering blood pressure and dilating blood vessels, cannabis also increases your heart rate. This increase in heart rate can last as long as three hours after smoking ... According to the NIDAthis could make you more vulnerable to heart attacks. This is especially the case for the elderly or people with heart disease. But this can be especially true if you have eaten too much ...

Avoid the bad trip to the hospital ...

When we make a bad trip to cannabis and the heart is accelerating, and a friend takes you to the hospital ... The doctors will offer people who panic (because it is only panic) drugs to help to lower their heart rate ... But in most cases, there is nothing to fear. At most, the increased heart rate will produce some anxiety-provoking discomfort but nothing more. Keep in mind that no one has ever succumbed to an overdose of cannabis. A report official concluded that you would have to consume about 1500 pounds of weeds in 15 minutes to run a risk of overdose. And even then, it is doubtful that you would actually die ...

Have less bone pain

The fact that cannabis can help heal broken bones is one of those amazing discoveries that most people have not heard about. But according to one 2015 study published by researchers at Tel Aviv University, this is exactly what cannabis does.According to the researchers, all this has to do with the cannabinoid called cannabidiol, or CBD for the short.

CBD is one of the chemicals in cannabis that affects the human body. And according to the Tel Aviv Bone Research Lab, CBD could help in the bone healing process. With the healing of broken bones, CBD can be helpful in treating things like cancer, epilepsy, and more.

The grass, feel cooler

After smoking a grass seal, you may feel a lot cooler. Literally cooler !! According to recent searches, some chemicals in cannabis affect what scientists call the "potential transient receptor" (TRP) channels in your body. These channels control and regulate a wide range of functions such as sight, taste and temperature. They also control the release of certain hormones.

So fresh ...

Cannabinoids enter your body and begin to interact with certain cells involved in your TRP channels. In particular, cannabis affects what are called TRPV cells. And as a result, you may end up feeling slightly colder after eating grass.

The grass seal, sharpens your senses even more

For many people, one of the best reasons to get high is that everything just looks better, more dynamic and more intense. The music is more powerful. The colors become more alive. And the food tastes better ... It might be easy to assume that it has something to do with the psychological state of the High. And that's probably true. But Researchers have stressed that it lies another explanation.

Psychedelic experiences are possible with the weed

Earlier we explained how cannabis opens your blood vessels, including those in your eyes. This can make you more sensitive to color. This is why many people have more intense visual experiences after smoking cannabis. Similarly, cannabis affects the types of hormones your body releases and a host of other systems involved in sensory perception. The result of all this is an increased state of sensation.

The little hollow ...

When you smoke a grass seal, it is almost inevitable that you will soon be overcome by the desire for food. Specially sweet, salty and greasy ... This combination of a strong desire for food is due to THC. It activates a group of neurotransmitters in your brain. Some of them are directly involved in how your body regulates hunger.

The famous "munchies" (breakage slab) ...

As a result, you end up feeling hungry. And not just a little hungry. By increasing appetite, marijuana can help people with certain eating and digestive disorders. It can also help people who go through chemotherapy to regain their appetite.

Increases libido

People have long used grass to spice up their sex lives. In fact, there is a whole cannabis industry dedicated to sex and weeds ... One of the reasons for such a craze is the reduction of anxiety and nervousness. Smoking a joint of grass helps lower inhibitions ... And when that happens, people let go and end up enjoying a little more sex ...

The American porn industry is enriched with the natural properties of cannabis ...

In addition to helping reduce inhibition, cannabis triggers the pleasure-inducing release of hormones in your body. This adds to the general feeling of happiness, excitement and pleasure that sex also touches. And to top it off, cannabis increases your overall sensory perception. When you are high, you are more sensitive to all kinds of physical sensations. This increased state finally makes you more sensitive to sex.

Releases dopamine

Dopamine is the main reason for High! One of the main reasons for this high emotional state is because THC and other cannabinoids interact with parts of your brain associated with mood. In particular, THC triggers the release of dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is largely responsible for feeling good about the reward system of your brain. Dopamine creates pleasant feelings of happiness and euphoria. And the more dopamine circulates in your body, the better you feel. When THC triggers the release of dopamine, it starts a chain reaction throughout your brain and the body that leads to the sensations of happiness, pleasure and exaltation.

But there is a potential problem in all this ... A published study last year suggested that heavy and regular marijuana use could lead to reduced functions ... In particular, researchers found lower levels of dopamine in the striatum, the region of the brain involved in memory, impulsive behavior and attention. More research is needed before we know the full extent of how the herb affects dopamine. But in the short term, smoking a grass seal will quickly increase the amount of dopamine in your body.

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